Energy Continuum Healing

Carla Grundison BSc


For Those Who Are Curious and Open-Minded
About What is Beyond the Physical

 My passion is working with people who are seeking… 

clarity, inspiration, and a sense of calm around a situation

healing on a spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical level

peace around loss

…and are curious and open to learning about …

past lives – how experiences in past lives might be having an impact today, or who are just plain curious

spirit guides – what messages they might have, and how to recognize their signals.

From March 28, 2020 until further notice: 
All 30min sessions are Pay-What-You-Can – even if what-you-can is $0!  Click any Book Now button and select the “A Special Pay-What-You-Can-Option” category!  

Do you feel like something might be holding you back? Maybe you know what it is.  Maybe you have no idea what it is. Either way, let’s delve in, uncover it, and clear it out of your way so you can move forward with more ease!  

Are you curious and open-minded about how source or spirit, your guides, energy healing – all that is beyond the visible and easily-explicable physical 3D world – might be able to assist you? 

Stressed? Anxious? Feeling down or stuck? Having a hard time moving on, getting past a loss or a certain situation?  Allow me to help you get clear, feel lighter and find your joy.