Carla Grundison, BSc 
Intuitive Healing
Teacher & Practitioner

~For the curious skeptic~

Sessions and courses for those open to exploring what comfort and support is available to each of us just beyond the five senses.  

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"Carla is one of the most genuine and open-hearted healers I know. Anyone would be lucky to receive her generous spirit and her deeply empathic skills. Thank you Carla!" ~Josette

Intuitive sessions can be viewed as both an alternative and a complement to traditional forms of therapy.

The trust and confidence regained through intuitive and energy work can benefit you in:

Relationships:  regain a strong sense of self-worth, improve your ability to share your truth 

Decision-making:  fear less and become more in-tune with what feels right

Habits:  release old, create new, and stick to them

Self-confidence:  worry less about what people think 

Physical well-being:  relief from pain, if even for a short time

Re-ignite within you the power of possibility. 

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