There isn’t one right way
there’s your way.

Intuitive Energy Sessions
Be guided inward. Know that you are being heard.
An alternative to traditional counselling.

Through intuitive insights, and the shifting and clearing of energy – find a deep sense of peace and trust that you can handle whatever comes your way.

Courses & Coaching
Discover, develop & gain trust in your own intuitive abilities. 

Our concept of the spiritual world evolves as we are opened to new ideas and possibilities, and expands further with guidance and support on the journey.

‘Carla is one of the most genuine and open-hearted healers I know. Anyone would be lucky to receive her generous spirit and her deeply empathic skills. Thank you Carla!’ ~Josette

‘What a tremendous session! Wow. Thank you for your help. This was a big deal for me. So many beautiful connections, I’m so very grateful. Very well done. You have incredible gifts Carla, I am inspired by your grounded, calm and very professional caring demeanour. Keep up the exceptional work.’ ~April

Hello! It’s Carla – and I’m so glad you’re here!
You are all welcome in my practice:  people of any race, ethnicity, nationality, background, culture, sexual orientation, gender, and non-binary folks.

Carla Grundison, BSc
Intuitive Energy Practitioner & Teacher

Are you new to spiritual and energy work?  Or newly using your own abilities but still a bit uncertain?  I know what it’s like to be excited to be learning about all things spiritual, and trying to practice newfound abilities, but also a bit confused and sometimes frustrated, not quite sure if you’re ‘doing it right.’ 

Do you have experience with your abilities, but still struggle with doubt? I’m familiar with that feeling, too. Get support and coaching so you can use and expand your abilities with ease and confidence.

Maybe you’re a curious skeptic?  You have doubts and questions about spiritual gifts and intuition, but also a deep curiosity nudging you to learn more? Me too, so I absolutely get it. You’re in good company.

I don’t claim to have irrefutable proof of connection to spirit, universal energy, or intuition. I have my own and others’ experiences which support the possibility that they exist. These concepts look very different to everyone:  there’s not just one definition of any of it. It’s about finding what feels right for you.

I don’t speak to you in a ‘this is how it is’ fashion, or in absolutes – about yourself, the intuitive insights I receive, or the spiritual world. I’m not prescriptive or directive.

I listen.
I share ideas and possibilities.
I offer an opportunity for you to explore.
I invite you to notice what resonates for you, what feels right.
Have a unique experience and draw your own conclusions.
See for yourself what unfolds.

Book a Complimentary Chat
Let's connect to see if working together feels like a good fit.

All sessions are currently offered online or by phone from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mountain Time Zone.

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