About Me

I’m passionate about helping people find relief from pain, and
feel clearer, inspired, and able to move forward.

 I love connecting with people wherever they’re at
on their spiritual and healing journey.

 I’m a problem-solver at heart, though in this work it is not me solving the problems. 

 I empower and inspire people to find the solutions that resonate for them
by offering intuitive healing and guidance.

~Carla Grundison, BSc, Intuitive Healer and Owner
Energy Continuum Healing

 On healing:  I sense areas that need attention and I heal energetically, as guided by intuition, and messages from guides, angels, and the akashic records.

 On guidance:  My goal is to make healing modalities and developing your spiritual abilities accessible and straightforward. I support you as you tap into the abilities you already have. I use “guide” rather than “teach” for what I do, because it’s really a process of guiding you to trust yourself and your own method, rather than prescribing a specific way to do it. 

Guided by my heart, I do what I love:  being of service and empowering people. 

A bit about my journey with energy healing

I used to suffer with shyness and anxiety, overwhelmed with fear all the time:  fear of what others might think, fear of not being good enough, not being liked – you name it!

I tried counselling. I talked issues through with friends and family.  I exercised.  I kept a gratitude journal.

Those things helped a little. 

But I was still stuck.  

I needed something different. A new approach.

After a lifelong curiosity about all things metaphysical, and after meeting some lovely energy practitioners, I began learning a little about chakras and healing. I then gave it a try and had an energy healing session. 

I came to discover the value in energy healing.  I left sessions feeling lighter, clearer, and able to see past the mental chatter and fear for awhile. And I loved hearing the intuitive messages that came through to the practitioner in the session – often bang-on and always thought-provoking. Each session was so unique – and I was hooked!

Changes didn’t happen overnight, but reflecting back on the journey I feel night-and-day different compared to before beginning this journey. I now have so much more resilience, joy, and a solid acceptance of who I am.  

It is a journey that continues. That’s why it’s so important not to expect instant changes. In fact, it’s important to release all expectations for each session.

Sometimes healing does occur instantaneously, and you notice a difference right away. But often it occurs in layers, over time.  It’s different for each person – there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to healing. 

Interestingly, despite my life-long curiosity of the metaphysical, I had never delved into it deeply until much later. I used to believe that only certain people were gifted with spiritual abilities, later learning how wrong I was:  everyone has them, it’s just some are more aware of theirs than others. 

Eventually I became a master practitioner in many of the same modalities that continue to help me heal and grow. Life is an ongoing process of learning and evolving, discovering and healing. 

I have so much gratitude to be at this point where I can now help others through this work, full-time.


Usui Reiki Master

Metatronia Therapy® Master Healer and Workshop Facilitator

Master Channeler

Akashic Records Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher

Yoga Nidra Instructor

Meditation Teacher

Related Training: 

Mental Health First Aid

EFT (Tapping) Level 1

Qi Gong Level 1

Coaching through Transition

Conflict Coaching (certification pending)

BSc in Nutritional Sciences