About Me

I’m passionate about helping people find relief from pain, and
feel clearer, inspired, and able to move forward.

 I connect with people wherever they’re at
on their spiritual and healing journey.

 I’m a problem-solver at heart, though in this work it is not me solving the problems. 

 I empower and inspire people to find the solutions that resonate for them
by offering intuitive healing and guidance.

~Carla Grundison, BSc, Intuitive Healer and Owner
Energy Continuum Healing

 On healing:  I sense areas that need attention and I heal energetically, as guided by intuition, and messages from guides, angels, and the akashic records.

 On mentoring:  My goal is to make healing modalities and developing your spiritual abilities accessible and straightforward. I support you as you tap into the abilities you already have. I use the words “guide” and “mentor” rather than “teach” for what I do, because it’s really a process of guiding you to trust yourself and your own method, rather than prescribing a specific way to do it. 

Guided by my heart, I do what I love:  being of service and empowering people. 

“Carla has an inherent gift that I believe she was born with. She makes people feel both calm and energized. I have struggled with massive anxiety since I was about seven or eight years old, and Carla has seen me through my worst. Even when I have been in a state of near panic she has, just through her energy, helped me to relax. I have tried to articulate to myself many times what exactly Carla does to help me in these situations and each time I have come back to the same place: Carla has a healing energy, there is no other way to put it.” ~BW

A bit about my journey with energy healing

I used to suffer with shyness and anxiety, overwhelmed with fear all the time:  fear of what others might think, fear of not being good enough, not being liked – you name it!

I tried counselling. I talked issues through with friends and family.  I exercised.  I kept a gratitude journal.

Those things helped a little. 

But I was still stuck.  

I needed something different. A new approach.

In my youth, I was drawn to metaphysical stores, and spent hours looking at crystals, flipping through books, and looking at jewelry that had been crafted into unusual looking symbols. I was always curious about psychics and all things spiritual, yet never spent any time learning about it – never took it too seriously. Only years later, after meeting some lovely energy practitioners, did I begin learning – little by little – about chakras and healing. 

I came to discover the value in energy healing. When I began receiving energy sessions from time to time, I left feeling lighter, clearer, and able to see past the mental chatter and fear for awhile. And I loved hearing the intuitive messages that came through to the practitioner in the session, often bang-on and always thought-provoking. Each session was so unique – and I was hooked!

Changes didn’t happen overnight, but reflecting back on the journey I feel night-and-day different compared to before beginning this journey. I now have so much more resilience, joy, and a solid acceptance of who I am. 

Sometimes healing occurs instantaneously, but often it occurs in layers, over time.  It’s different for each person. There is no one-size-fits-all in this work, and I’ve learned first-hand how important it is to release expectations for each session, and for the healing in general. It often (actually – almost always) happens in very unexpected ways.

Before I began this work, I used to think that only certain people were gifted with the ability to connect to spirit, receive messages, and heal. I later learned this not to be true:  everyone has these abilities. It’s just that some people are more aware of them than others. 

Eventually, I became a master practitioner in many of the same modalities that continue – to this day – to help me heal and grow. Life is an ongoing process of learning and evolving, discovering, uncovering, and healing. 

I have so much gratitude to be at this point where I can now help others through this work, full-time.


Usui Reiki Master

Metatronia Therapy® Master Healer and Workshop Facilitator

Master Channeler

Akashic Records Advanced Level Practitioner and Teacher

Yoga Nidra Instructor

Meditation Teacher

Related Training: 

Mental Health First Aid

EFT (Tapping) Level 1

Qi Gong Level 1

Coaching through Transition

Conflict Coaching (certification pending)

BSc in Nutritional Sciences