About Me

I am a part-time energy practitioner, passionate about helping people get past things that are holding them back.  I’m a Usui and Violet Flame Reiki Master, and Metatronia Therapy® Master Healer. I can also offer information and clearing from the Akashic Records, receive messages from your spirit guides, and I’m a certified yoga nidra instructor, as well.

My full-time day job is very analytical; I‘m a problem-solver.  This energy healing practice gives me an outlet in which I can work purely from my heart and be of service to others.  In these sessions I am not healing you, per se, nor am I solving your problems.  What I am doing is holding space and allowing energy to flow – energy that will clear and realign you so that you can see the way forward for yourself, so you are feeling lighter, clearer, calmer, and better able to notice the joy in your life and see it expand!

I have a lovely studio dedicated to these practices in my home in northwest Calgary.  More and more I do distance sessions as well, meaning that a client stays in their own home, and I relay messages and impressions of the session by email or phone/video chat.  Distance sessions are equally as effective as in-person sessions – it is really up to the client’s preference and location.

To read a little more about me, check out my blog.