About Me

I’m passionate about helping people get past issues that are holding them back or causing them pain – in order to feel better, move forward calmer, inspired, and more energized! 

I do this healing as guided by my own intuition, and through information from your spirit guides, the akashic records, angels and archangels. I’m a reiki master (Usui and Violet Flame), a Metatronia Therapy® master healer. I also work and teach in the akashic records, and teach in all these areas as well. I’m a certified yoga nidra instructor, too! 

This practice allows me to work as guided by my heart, doing what I love:  being of service, and simply put – helping others to feel better.

In each session I hold space for you, allowing healing and messages to flow in for your highest good, and I clear away what no longer serves you. The healing process within you is sparked, and you are freed up to move forward with clarity, and reconnect with your heart, and identify what feels right for you. You will leave feeling lighter and clearer!

All sessions can be offered as distance sessions, meaning that you can stay in your own home for the session – no commuting required. I tune in to your energy field intuitively wherever you are – across the city or around the world – and relay all that comes through in the session by email or phone/video chat.  I also have a lovely studio for my practice in northwest Calgary, if an in-person session is preferred. Distance sessions are equally as effective as in-person sessions, and though location may necessitate a distance session – some people even prefer them for convenience.