Akashic Records

The Akashic Records can be thought of as a library, or a database – every thought, experience, emotion, word spoken, action – that has ever occurred is stored there. Each person has their own section of the library.  In your section is housed all the experiences that has ever occurred for you – in this lifetime, and in all of your lifetimes.

Ways that Akashic Records can help you:

– Understand yourself better
– Understand your relationships better
– Identify patterns and habits
– Divine guidance and peace of mind
– Gain clarity on your soul’s purpose
– Access information about your past live
– Learn about past life connections you had – including with people in this lifetime

The energy from the Akashic Records is very gentle and loving, and much healing can be gained simply by having your records opened.

Ever wonder why you have an intense fear of something but don’t have any idea why? Maybe you feel like you have known someone before, or have a strong connection to a person – but only just met them. Events, experiences, and relationships from past lifetimes can provide insights and healing simply by knowing the reason behind the connection.

Consider some questions for a session:

  • Why am I so afraid of [x]?
  • Did I have a connection with [x person] in a past life?
  • What is the best next step in my highest and greatest good with respect to [x situation or relationship or activity]?
  • Do I have a connection to a certain time in history or to a certain place in the world?
  • Is there something from a past lifetime that I can learn and heal from?
  • Did my interest in [x activity] originate in a previous lifetime?

Any question – whether it be out of curiosity or earnest desire for guidance around an issue you are struggling with in your life – can be put forward to the Akashic Records for information, wisdom, and healing.  Only information that will be helpful to you will be relayed.  The options are endless.


What clients have said about Akashic Records sessions

Thank you so much for this!  It was really interesting reading this last night right before bed, it was almost as if it was less the words and something about the energy of the message I could feel things shift within me, it was really cool. I went to bed and slept deeper and way longer than my usual too. It’s like the truth behind the words really resonated with something within me.  Awesome!  So glad I did this. You are very gifted my friend! ~Stacey