Akashic Records

A window into your past lives and soul’s experiences
to help you understand the root causes of issues you may be dealing with today.  

The akashic records are an energetic, vibrational imprint of everything – every experience, emotion, word spoken, action, thought, event, etc. – that has ever occurred.

Everything your soul has experienced, in all lifetimes, is stored there.  

Tapping into the akashic records can help you:

 Understand yourself and your soul’s journey better.

 Understand your relationships.

 Gain clarity around a situation, habit, or fear.

 Satisfy curiosity.

 Ever wonder why…

..you have a strong connection to someone?  You keep being drawn together, whether it feels healthy or not?  Maybe you made a commitment to them in a past life and you continue to be drawn together in an attempt to fulfill the agreement. 

…you have an intense fear of something, but no conscious memory of why?  There’s info on this in your records.

…you feel stuck in an area of your life?  You may be unconsciously holding onto beliefs and fears from past lives. These can be identified and cleared in the records.

After identifying the root cause of the issue, beliefs, fears, and other things we’ve been holding onto – can be cleared away if they’re no longer serving us, and if we’re ready to release them.

This can provide a greater understanding of the “why” in certain situations and issues in this lifetime. It can also give a sense of relief and freedom, as we let go of a whole lot of baggage we likely didn’t even realize we were carrying around – possibly for many lifetimes!

Information from the akashic records often comes through naturally during the healing sessions I offer, or you can bring questions or topics you’d like to look into. 

What you can explore in the records is endless, and therefore so are the questions you could ask. But here are a few examples to get you started: 

• Why am I so afraid of [x]?
• Why do I continue to be drawn to [x person]? What is the origin of our connection?
• What is important for me to know about [x situation / relationship / activity]?
• Do I have a connection to a certain time in history or to a particular place in the world? If yes – what details are relevant for me to know at this time.
• What is valuable for me to learn and heal from a past lifetime right now?
• Where did my interest in [x activity] originate? 

If you’d like to learn to access your own records, and even help others access theirs – take a peek the courses I offer, here.