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May you find something of value in my writing. Enjoy! ~ Carla.

Note: When moving these blog posts over from another site, the dates for all posts show as Feb 26, 2020, but I have also included the original posting date. 

Recognizing Your Own Self-Worth

Recognizing Your Own Self-Worth

(Originally posted July 22, 2018) For much of my life I incessantly sought external validation and feedback from others. I felt incomplete and unsteady without it; be it a friend or partner,  I was always seeking confirmation that I was ok and accepted.  I don’t...

Joy or Disappointment:  You Choose

Joy or Disappointment: You Choose

(Originally posted July 19, 2018) Think about unmet expectations for a minute. Everything from the expectation that we’ll arrive at our destination on time and instead getting sidelined by a flat tire, to something as simple as ordering a meal at a restaurant and...

Additional comments on the blog posts

On ‘To Each Their Own… Reservoir of Knowledge,’ commented by Kelly Vass, May 13, 2019:  Thank you Carla. I find your writing brings me back to the now. Always helpful and inspiring. I find you have a way of allowing grace in. 

On ‘Hidden Gems,’ commented by Helen, Oct 7, 2018:   Carla, I love this post. 🧡 It’s a beautiful reminder of how full and “enough” this present moment is. I find I’m totally lost (grasping) when focused on the past. I’m most often caught in panic & fear in anticipation of the future. This moment is where beauty and appreciation lives! It’s where I’m most happy! 😊

On ‘Joy or Disappointment: You Choose,’ commented by KGC, Aug 8, 2018:   Thank you — just the tonic I needed this evening, as I’m facing disappointment at things I’ve uncovered at work. They certainly aren’t going as expected, but it is an opportunity to make changes and improvements — and that feels so much better to focus on. You da’ best!!!