Courses & Coaching

There isn’t just one right way or correct answer when it comes to spirit and intuition.

Be opened up to ideas and possibilities.

Find and trust your own way.

Simplicity is key.

Newly discovering your spiritual abilities? 

I’m familiar with the curiosity and enthusiasm, combined with a little confusion and uncertainty about whether you’re ‘doing it right.’  This is a place to ask questions, explore, and find your way.

Do you have experience, but still struggle with doubt about your abilities?

I know what that’s like. This is where you can get a strong foundation and trust yourself – so you use and expand your abilities with ease and confidence.

There are many valid ways to conceptualize the spiritual world, use our abilities, and do intuitive and healing energy work. My approach is to shift the focus away from the search for the ‘right’ way, and instead toward using your abilities in a way that feels right to you. 
This is where the magic happens!

‘Carla teaches in a way that makes the Akashic Records simple to understand and easy to connect with, in a profound way. The one-on-one sessions were transformative and I had an amazing learning experience every time! I’m so grateful I got to learn with Carla and highly recommend taking your spiritual abilities to the next level with her!’ ~ Dawn Catena

‘Carla has the capacity to teach about the unseen world in a way that’s approachable and digestible.  When I started the course, I was doubtful about my intuitive abilities. I knew I was capable of using them for healing, but there was still a part of me that doubted my clair gifts. By the end of the course, through Carla’s encouragement and affirming guidance, I had a strong grasp of my approach to the records. After the course, I even felt confident enough to offer it as a service to my clients! I’ve recommended Carla’s Akashic Records training to many of my clients, and I recommend it to you as well.’ ~ JL

Delve deeply for inner wisdom in one-on-one sessions.  Whether just beginning your spiritual journey, or much more experienced and looking for guidance on something specific – sessions are tailored to you.

We all have unique strengths and challenges. Working one-on-one allows us to focus our time on what best suits you in order to develop and sharpen your abilities.

• your intuition & spiritual abilities (yes, you do have them)
• connecting to your spirit guides (those too!)
• intuitive energy work (learn reiki & work with angels)
• akashic records (explore & clear in the records)
• oracle cards (learn to do readings)

In Canadian dollars,  plus GST. 
All sessions are done by phone, online (video or audio).

Single session
90 min = $160
60min = $120
per session

Book 3 or more sessions
90 min = $135
60min = $100
per session

60min is typical, but 90min offers more time to delve a little deeper.

Current Course Offerings

Akashic Records Courses – Three levels One-on-one guidance.  Learn to access and clear in your own akashic records, in the records of others, do land and building clearing using the records, and more. More details

Metatronia Therapy® Attunements – Healer Level & Master Level. Be attuned to this high vibration angelic healing modality, for self-healing and to offer healing to others. More details

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All sessions are currently offered online or by phone from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mountain Time Zone.

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