Courses & Mentoring

Spiritual abilities are not just for a chosen few.

Access, enhance, and delve deeper into your own spiritual abilities.

Receive support as you heal yourself and others.

Simplicity is key:  straightforward guidance that clears away complexities
and gets right to the heart of the practice.

“Carla teaches in a way that makes the Akashic Records simple to understand and easy to connect with, in a profound way. The one-on-one sessions were transformative and I had an amazing learning experience every time! I’m so grateful I got to learn with Carla and highly recommend taking your spiritual abilities to the next level with her!” ~ Dawn Catena

There are many ways to conceptualize the spiritual world. 
There are also many effective ways to do intuitive healing and learn to use our spiritual gifts. My approach is to s
hift the focus away from the search for the ‘right’ way, and toward using your abilities in a way that feels right to you
this is where the magic happens!

Delve deeply for inner wisdom, and allow focused healing  to be sparked within you.  

One-on-one guidance.  Each one of us has unique strengths and challenges. Working one-on-one allows us to focus time where it best suits you in order to develop and sharpen your abilities!

• your intuition and spiritual abilities (yes, you do have them)
connecting to your spirit guides (those too!)
energy healing (learn reiki and work with angels)
akashic records (explore and heal in the records)
oracle cards (learn to do readings) 

Current Offerings

Akashic Records Courses

Three levels.  One-on-one guidance.  Learn to access and clear in your own akashic records, in the records of others, do land and building clearing using the records, and more.  More details

Mentoring & Coaching


Whether just beginning your spiritual journey and eager to discover your  abilities and practice, or keen to have guidance on something specific – sessions with me are tailored to your interests. More details

Develop Your
Spiritual Abilities

One-on-one format. Learn to access and develop your spiritual abilities in a one-on-one format:  connect to your spirit guides, angels, other beings. Receive messages and do automatic writing. More details

 Metatronia Therapy® Attunements

Healer Level – Be attuned to this high vibration angelic healing modality, for self-healing and to offer healing to others.

Master Level – Strengthen your connection and attune others.  

More details

Meditation Mondays

Monday – FREE Midday and Evening (MST) guided meditations 
A short, rejuvenating midday break.

12:40-1pm MST, via Zoom (register by 9am MST, same day)
8:40-9pm MST, via Zoom
(register by 5pm MST, same day)
Contact me to register: carla(at)

Book a complimentary 15min chat to see if working together feels like a good fit!

To book, or for any inquiries, email
carla(at) or send me a message on Facebook