Develop your Spiritual Abilities

Receive messages from spirit ~
meet and  connect with your guides, angels and other beings!
Discover, develop, and strengthen your abilities. 
One-on-One Format

Learn and develop your ability to sense and communicate beyond the 5 physical/3D senses.
Meet and connect to your spirit guides, angels, archangels, and other beings.
Receive guidance and messages.  

Each of us has the ability to get messages from spirit – yes, that means you, too!

In this workshop, we’ll work on the 6 clair-abilities, and how you tap in with your intuition to receive messages. 

Re-establish your conscious connection to the spiritual world. We’re each born with this, but it often gets hidden away or dismissed, over our lifetime.

What you receive: 

3.5 hours of one-on-one guidance and practice. 

Connect in with spirit:  your guides, angels, and other beings.

Work with your clair-abilities, and receive messages.

Do automatic writing.

I’ll share information from my experience and understanding of the spiritual world – you can see what resonates in order to continue to shape your own view.

Well-suited to those who:  

• Are open and eager to discover their abilities, or those already exploring their abilities looking for guidance and development. 

• Have struggled with doubt, this will help you find trust. Working with spirit is not only a skill that others possess – you’ll gain more confidence in your own abilities. You can do it, too!  

$295 + GST for 3.5 hours, 1 – 90min and 2 – 60min sessions, or could be split into shorter sessions as desired.
Prices in Canadian dollars.
All sessions generally completed within 6 weeks. 

Book a complimentary 15min chat to see if working together feels like a good fit!

To book, or for any inquiries, email
carla(at) or send me a message on Facebook