Guidance & Mentoring

Spiritual abilities are not just for a chosen few.

 Learn to tap into your own spiritual and healing abilities (yes, you have them).

 Accessible straightforward guidance that clears away the complexities
(spiritual work doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing).

 Offering guidance for all who are curious and open to learning.

“Carla is one of the most genuine and open-hearted healers I know. Anyone would be lucky to receive her generous spirit and her deeply empathic skills. Thank you Carla!” ~Josette

After years of taking courses (see About Me for certifications), searching, and struggling to find the “right” way to do intuitive and energy healing work, my experience has shown me that there isn’t just one right way. 

There are many effective ways to do this work, and many ways to conceptualize the spiritual world.

By shifting the quest in spiritual learning and healing from how to “do it right”
how to use your own abilities
in a way that
feels right to you ~ 
this is where the magic happens!

With me…

…You’ll develop your own process and practice.  You’ll receive encouragement to take what resonates from what I share, leave what doesn’t .  There is no one singular right way.  Doing spiritual and healing work your way is, in my view, the best approach.

…You’ll get my support as you begin to trust your process.  Trust the messages and intuitive info you’re getting. As you allow that to guide you – more than any specific set of instructions or manual – you will discover amazing things begin to happen, and your abilities will really flourish!

…You’ll get one-on-one guidance (or very small classes).  Each person has certain strengths and challenges. I prefer to be able to focus closely on your needs and questions as you develop and sharpen your own abilities.

…You can explore: 

 your intuition and spiritual abilities (yes, you do have them)

 connecting to your spirit guides (yup, those too)

 energy healing (learn reiki and work with angels)

 akashic records (explore and heal within the records)

 oracle cards (learn to do readings).

I help people access their own spiritual abilities, and support them in healing themselves and others.


Current Offerings:

Access the Akashic Records

Three levels.  One-on-one guidance.  Learn to access and clear in your own akashic records, in the records of others, do land and building clearing using the records, and more. 

 Metatronia Therapy® Attunements

Healer Level – Be attuned to this high vibration angelic healing modality, for self-healing and to offer healing to others.

Master Level – Strengthen your connection and attune others.

Guidance, Mentoring & Coaching

Whether just beginning your spiritual journey and eager to discover abilities and practice, or keen to have guidance on something specific – these sessions are tailored to your interests.

Intro to Your
Spiritual Abilities: 

Perhaps you are keen to discover your own spiritual abilities,
or maybe you want to develop them further with some guided practice.  Either way, this 1.5 hour workshop on the clair-abilities might be what you’re looking for.