Specialized Healing Packages

  An opportunity for deeper work.

Remarkable in-depth healing to benefit one’s mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing can be gained in regular, frequent sessions.

“I feel like this program definitely helped shift me to where I needed to be. I don’t know if I would be in the same heart and head space without it – I am so much more confident now. I discovered a lot of things about myself during the four weeks. The remote healings and emails definitely helped with my daily headaches and stress levels. Thank you so much Carla for this beautiful program….I don’t know if my words are actually doing your work enough justice.” ~ Toni, 4-week healing participant, 2020.

Current Offerings

4 week One-on-One In-Depth Healing Package

Seeking relief from anxiety or grief? Feeling down, trying to find motivation or direction?

Do you desire more confidence in yourself? 

Would you like to feel more at peace with what’s happening in your life and your world?

Delve deeply in 6 to 8 sessions PLUS daily remote healing/readings over 4 weeks. 

What you receive:

More than 5 hours of individualized healing. 

1 – 60min initial session, and 5 to 7 – 50min sessions over 4 weeks. 

Sessions are mixed modality which may include reiki/energy/angelic healing, akashic records discovery and clearing – as I’m intuitively guided in order to best support your particular needs in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

I listen and hold space as you share, as I believe this is a key part of healing. I work on shifting energy, tuning in intuitively to your energy and spark healing within you, relaying intuitively guided / channeled messages and imagery to assist with your healing.

I frequently check-in during our sessions to ensure there is resonance and to make sure we are continuing to focus on what feels right to you

Remote intuitive reading and healing everyday for the 4 weeks, summarized in a short email sent to you each morning.* No technology connection is necessary for this. It includes a channeled message, oracle-card reading, or mini-healing – as I’m guided, and specifically for you to simply let integrate for the day to assist with healing, insight, and inspiration. 

Some practice with your intuitive clair-abilities can be woven in if desired and if time permits, including connection to your own guides, angels, and beings to assist and support you – so that you are feeling empowered even after the program finishes.

Well-suited to those: 

• Struggling with a particular area of physical or mental wellness.

• Looking to find a more peaceful and joyful outlook, a sense of calm.

• Seeking relief from anxiety, feeling down or in a rut, having difficulty sleeping.

• Who desire an increase in self-confidence.

• Open to the existence of spirit guides, angels, other spiritual beings such as dragons, unicorns, spirit animals that may offer guidance, healing, and support. 

• Who prefer one-on-one, individualized sessions.

• With a schedule that can allow for 6 to 8 sessions within a 4 week period toward their own healing.  If such a time commitment is not feasible for you, we can also look into these issues in a less in-depth format in a bundle of healing sessions – multiple sessions spread out over a longer period of time.  Check out my Healing Sessions page for more info. 

$520 for 6 sessions (1-60min and 5-50min)+ daily morning reading/healing/email* for the 4 weeks. 
$590 for 7 sessions (1-60min and 6-50min)+ daily morning reading/healing/email* for the 4 weeks. 
$660 for 8 sessions (1-60min and 7-50min)+ daily morning reading/healing/email* for the 4 weeks.
*Daily morning reading/healing/email can be substituted for a once-per-week 15min check-in call, if preferred. 
Prices are in Canadian dollars. GST will be added for Canadian residents.
All sessions are to be completed within 5 weeks.

Energize your Day
Daily Remote Healing & Individualized Email

Get energized, gain clarity – start out feeling grounded and ready for your day.

What you receive: 

Two mixed-modality healing sessions:  50min session at the start, and 30min session to complete the program. Mixed modality healing sessions, by Zoom or phone.

Daily remote intuitive reading and healing, summarized in a short email sent to you each morning (no technology connection necessary for this). Includes one or some of:  channeled messages, oracle-card pulls, and healing or clearing I pick up on as a priority for you at that time. Simply let the message integrate for your day to assist with healing, insight, and inspiration. A mini-reading everyday!

Well-suited to those:  

• Seeking inspiration, insight, and guidance from source.

• Feeling they could benefit from some inspiration and healing to start their days.

• Who are open to the value of remote healing, and to receiving channeled messages from spirit. 


$225 – 50min initial session, 30min final session, 14 consecutive days of individualized daily morning reading/healing emails in between the initial and final session. All sessions to be completed within 3 weeks. 

$185 – 50min initial session, 30min final session, 7 consecutive days of individualized daily morning reading/healing emails in between the initial and final session. All sessions to be completed within 2 weeks.

$60 – remote sessions only, 7 consecutive days of individualized daily morning reading/healing emails.
Prices are in Canadian dollars. GST will be added for Canadian residents.

Adventure in the Akashic Records

An exploration for those curious about their past lives and keen to their intuitive abilities!
No experience with the records necessary – only an openness to discovery
as you will be guided to explore your own records.

What you receive: 

The akashic records hold information about all past lives and experiences, and all possible experiences yet to come. Endless exploration awaits, and wisdom can be gained.  Better understand yourself by learning about your soul’s journey.

Build consecutively on the previous session – picking up where you left off to continue the in-depth exploration; or explore different events and lifetimes in each session. 

May naturally include some healing and clearing, but this is not the primary focus of this program. The focus is discovery and exploration.

Well-suited to those: 

• Open to visualization and using their intuition.

• With a genuine curiosity to explore their past lives and records. 

• With or without any pre-existing knowledge of or experience with the akashic records.

$250 for 3 sessions (1 – 60min, 2 – 50min)
$320 for 4 sessions (1 – 60min, 3 – 50min)
$390 for 5 sessions (1 – 60min, 4 – 50min)
Prices are in Canadian dollars. GST will be added for Canadian residents. 

Book a complimentary 15min chat to see if working together feels like a good fit!

To book, or for any inquiries, email
carla(at)energycontinuum.com or send me a message on Facebook