Healing Sessions

Compassionate, down-to-earth intuitive healing.

Sensing areas that need attention, I shift and clear energy as I’m intuitively guided.
I receive and share messages, images, and colours that come through from guides, angels, and the akashic records which provide healing and insight.

“Such an awesome session. There really were sooo many synchronicities. Thank you very much Carla. I get emotional just thinking about the weight you lifted. How light my heart feels – there’s no longer that pressure, what felt like a rock sitting there is gone – I can feel again.” ~Sheri

Would you use any of these words to describe how you’re feeling?

Overwhelmed. Overthinking.
Confused. Stuck. Anxious. Feeling down or “in a slump”.
Exhausted. Stressed out. Unclear.  

You might be seeking:

Clarity and resolution around an issue keeping you awake at night.

Freedom from what is holding you back.

A sense of calm – relief from stress and anxiety. 

Inspiration and motivation – relief from feeling down. 

Healing from grief.

Relief from physical pain.

An alternative or compliment to conventional counselling. 

You’re curious about:

What is beyond the physical world we experience with our five senses.

Chakras and energy flow in and around the body, and how working with these aspects can help alleviate issues impacting your physical and mental wellness.

The existence of spirit guides and angels, and what messages, insight, and healing they may offer.

While there are no guarantees of specific results no matter which practitioner or type of healing modality you choose – conventional or alternative, these are my commitments to each person I work with in my practice: 

To listen without judgment or expectation.

To maintain a pure intention, holding your highest good and healing as my focus.

To get to the root of the issue on an energetic level and clear away what’s no longer serving you that you are ready to release.

To share with you what comes up, ensuring there is resonance and useful take-aways for you.

To do my best to help you find clarity, peace, and a resolution that works for you.

The following intuitive practices are woven into the sessions I offer to best suit your needs.
You are also welcome to request a certain modality if you have a preference, 
or would like to experience a specific form of healing.

Akashic Records.  Sometimes the source of issues we’re struggling with now originated in a past life, and can be cleared away to bring about feelings of peace, clarity and freedom. Learn more

Angelic Healing. Powerful clearing, healing and energy replenishment by Archangels Metatron, Jophiel, Sandalphon, and others. Learn more

Intuitive Guidance.  Insight offered to you based on what I pick up on, intuitively. Learn more

Mediumship. Messages from guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed on. Learn more

Metatronia Therapy®.   Energy healing and channeled messages from Archangel Metatron. Learn more

Oracle Card Reading.  Valuable, poignant messages can come through oracle cards. Learn more

Reiki. Life force energy being guided to clear chakras, improve energy flow, and spark healing within you. Learn more

Yoga Nidra.  Removing limiting beliefs while journeying to the blissful state between wakefulness and sleep. Learn more

 One-on-One Individual
Healing Sessions

90min session = $140+GST
60min session = $95+GST
45min session = $75+GST
30min session = $50+GST
Prices are in Canadian dollars.
• Special rates when booking 5 or more sessions at once.
Special rates for referrals, for both the refer-er and the refer-ee

For those in financial hardship:  If you could benefit from a session but your current financial situation is such that these rates feel out of reach, please inquire so we can figure out a way to make some healing accessible to you.

Distance Option:  by phone, online video/audio chat, or email.
Healing is equally effective.

In Person Option:  in NW Calgary AB, Canada – currently unavailable due to COVID19.

Group distance healing sessions
Healing offered to more than one person at the same time, individualized healing is still received.
Each person stays in the comfort of their own home to receive healing. 

Book a complimentary 15min chat to see if working together feels like a good fit!

To book, or for any inquiries, email
carla(at)energycontinuum.com or send me a message on Facebook