Individual Sessions

Mixed Modality Healing Session

A session incorporating any or all of the following:  Reiki, Metatronia Therapy®, spirit guide messages, or information from the Akashic Records – as I am intuitively guided to clear what is holding you back. 

Short Intensive Clearing Session

Less than 15min for powerful clearing and replenishment of your energy field with loving energy. 

Metatronia Therapy®

Angelic light energy healing, directly from Archangel Metatron. 


Allowing the focus of the energy to spark healing within yourself.  Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pain can be healed with reiki.

Akashic Records

Clear residual emotions, experiences, and trauma from this lifetime, and past lives – or just learn about other lifetimes you’ve had – in an akashic records session.  

Spirit Guide Messages

Receive messages from one or more of your spirit guides

Intuitive Guidance

Sometimes you just need to talk things through, with some intuitive feedback. 

Yoga Nidra

Yogic sleep:  journey into the blissful state between being awake and asleep – an experience similar to a guided meditation. Feel relaxed and refreshed, after having worked on counteracting some limiting beliefs in this receptive state of consciousness.