Short Intensive Clearing

Head-to-Toe Clearing and Rejuvenation, with Archangel Jophiel

Intense, powerful, head-to-toe distance clearing of your chakras and energy field, removing all that no longer serves you energetically.  Archangel Jophiel then fills your energy field with loving energy, exactly as you require. Sessions are typically done by distance, (unless done in conjunction with another healing session being done In Person) so I send a short message back to you – one or a few sentences, with what came through.  The images, colours or messages often indicate the general healing occurring, chakras and areas that needed attention, and so on – unique for each person.  

If you are looking for a quick, powerful clearing, this is for you.  Perfect if you’re feeling weighed down, stressed, lacking focus, your thinking is a bit “foggy.”

The whole process takes less than 15 minutes.

Your investment:  $30

Location:  Distance Session


What clients have said about their Short Intensive Clearing sessions

I was blessed to be able to experience a mini healing session with Carla tonight. I felt the energies immediately. So did my cat & child who both gravitated to me. First I was thanking the Universe for this opportunity and for some other blessings in my life. Then I was guided by my guides to chant abundance mantra. As the session neared the end I was overcome with such a strong feeling of deep gratitude. So strong it brought tears to my eyes. The insight Carla shared with me afterwards was on point and in alignment with who I am. I’d definitely recommend working with Carla! ~Marla

Amazing, thank you Carla. For a 5 minute healing session it was amazing how I felt after, I am very grateful to have received this healing. ~ Cindy G.

Thanks so much Carla. That was really neat. That was really beautiful and really intense for 5 minutes. You’re such a wonderful healer. ~Sheri