Intuitive Energy Sessions

Be guided to explore your inner consciousness.

Energy is shifted and cleared. Receive messages from spirit.

An alternative and complement to conventional counselling or other therapy.

Drop the shoulds and supposed-tos. Reconnect to what feels right. 

Reasons you may wish to book a session

Curiosity, and an openness to exploring your inner consciousness, the spirit world, and what is beyond the five senses
A reprieve from stress, worrying, and self-criticism
Time for yourself, to tune-in closely to your heart and inner wisdom
Gain clarity and trust about your next steps
Inspiration, and  a spark to relieve feeling down or unfocused
Grounding and centering and a greater sense of being in the moment
Alleviation of physical pain

Over time, regular energy work will benefit

Relationships & Communication – Improve your ability to share your truth with confidence
Decision-Making Trust yourself & connect with what feels right instead of what you think you should do
Resilience – Know that you can get through anything that comes your way
Self-Confidence – Worry less about what people think and feel more at ease
Brighter Outlook on the world around you

Reactions & Responses to circumstances and situations become more positive and accepting.
Spiritual & Intuitive Connection  Discover and strengthen your intuition & connection to spirit

‘Thank you so much for this! It was really interesting reading this last night right before bed, it was almost as if it was less the words and something about the energy of the message I could feel things shift within me, it was really cool. I went to bed and slept deeper and way longer than my usual too. It’s like the truth behind the words really resonated with something within me. Awesome! So glad I did this. You are very gifted my friend!’ ~Stacey

‘Such an awesome session. There really were sooo many synchronicities. Thank you very much Carla. I get emotional just thinking about the weight you lifted. How light my heart feels – there’s no longer that pressure, what felt like a rock sitting there is gone – I can feel again.’ ~Sheri

A session IS

Being heard, without judgment, as you share what is important for you in the moment. This informs the focus of the session.

Being guided into deep relaxation.

A meditative experience that takes you inward, along with some dialogue (amount of talking throughout the session varies according to preference).

Shifting and clearing, on an energetic and spiritual level.

Receiving messages and imagery that came through to me during the process.

Useful take-aways, insights and resonance.


A session is NOT

Fortune-telling. I don’t predict your future, tell you when or what will happen. During or after a session you may find you are able to envision more clearly what you desire for your future, or in which direction you feel called to go, but there are many possible outcomes.

I don’t tell you what to do, or whether something is a good idea or the right decision to make. Clearing away the mental chatter and overthinking will help you sense more clearly what feels right for you. 

I don’t relay information as ‘this is how it is’ as an absolute. What comes through may stimulate your own memory, or be a catalyst for your higher self to make a connection, but there isn’t just one right answer

Modalities woven into each session

akashic records (the energetic imprint of all your soul’s experiences)
reiki and energy work
angelic healing
mediumship (connecting guides, angels, and those who have passed on)
Metatronia Therapy® (healing specifically from Archangel Metatron)
yoga nidra (similar to a guided meditation, remove limiting beliefs)
oracle cards
Learn more about the modalities.

You might experience any of the following in a session

Images, shapes, colours coming into your mind’s eye

Muscle twitches, tingles, shivers, goosebumps, or warmth

Sensation of gentle pulling or pushing, as though by magnet or light pressure

Sounds, music or words in your awareness

A spacey feeling, a dream-like state

Such deep relaxation that you fall asleep

In Canadian dollars,  plus GST. 
All sessions are done by phone or online (video or audio).

Single session
60min = $120
45min = $90
30min = $60
per session

Book 3 or more sessions
60min = $100
45min = $75
30min = $50
per session

To those for whom these rates are out of reach, please contact me so we can find a way to make a session available to you.

Specialized Packages

An opportunity to work through specific issues on an even deeper level with frequent sessions.
Packages have been created for self-discovery, inspiration, support, and wellness.

Group sessions

Offerings to multiple people at the same time, while individual benefit is still received. 
All sessions are offered online, so each person stays in the comfort of their own home for the experience.


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All sessions are currently offered online or by phone from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mountain Time Zone.

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