Learn to Connect with Guides

Connecting with guides can be incredibly helpful to learning about ourselves, our purpose, our best way forward, and helping us notice the signs and signals they are always sending us. If we think of guides as people who can offer guidance and information, our friends in the astral realm – these guides can come in the form of spirit guides, angels, archangels, crystal devas, totem animals, and many other forms.  

Spirit Guide Connection Workshop 

Gain trust in your spiritual connections! 

Learn and strengthen skills in:
– listening to your intuition,

– dropping your focus from a busy mind into your heartspace,
– connecting with your own spirit guides,
– connecting with another person’s spirit guides
– automatic writing, and more!
Content will be aimed at beginners thru to those who have some experience and seek an opportunity to practice and to deepen their connection. Will be tailored to the participants’ level of experience. ♥

Where: Online via Zoom video conference – so enjoy the workshop in your favourite chair in the comfort of your own home

Your investment: $110

Next offering:  later Spring/Summer 2020 – stay tuned! 
Please contact me using the “For More Info and to Register” button below, if interested.

Connect to archangels, crystal devas, and more

Learn and strengthen your existing skills in connecting with all of the above – and more!  
A more detailed description forthcoming, including pricing – stay tuned!

Expected to be offered in later Spring/Summer 2020 — stay tuned!

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