Metatronia Therapy®

Metatronia Therapy® (MT, for short) is a soothing vibrational healing modality. It is all about alignment at the soul level.  Deep healing and connection is provided by Archangel Metatron, who connects you with divine light, or source, raising your vibration.  This connection reaches you at the core level, cutting through any protective mechanisms you have built around your soul and spirit, removing blockages and belief patterns that are no longer serving you and may have been preventing you from allowing your spirit to shine.

MT is sometimes described as similar to reiki, but that is only a very general comparison. You will notice differences comparing an experience of MT to reiki or other modalities – some may find these differences subtle or significant. MT is a powerful vibrational healing. (Note: MT is not better than reiki or other healing modalities. Every modality is unique, and some people find resonance with some practices more than others.)

Light coded colours, shapes, and other downloads are brought in during a healing session to balance the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical layers of ourselves – right down into the cells, repairing DNA/RNA, helping us function optimally and with clarity. This helps us connect with our true essence and allows us to feel at one with the universe and all that is around us.

The uplifting energy transmissions that come through can point to certain areas that are being healed, as colours and shapes have meanings in MT.  While we may not understand on a conscious level the full meaning of what the images and messages, or we may not even be aware of the downloads being received, they are critical to soul-healing and transformation. They ultimately shift us away from fear and toward that higher vibration of love and feeling at peace.

What Metatronia Therapy® can help with:
– Alleviation of anxiety, confusion, stress
– Provide clarity – mental focus, reduction in mental chatter
– Emotional healing
– Removal of old thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you
– Raising your vibration
– Soul connection, heart connection, connection with your higher self, inner truth
– Feeling of one-ness between you and the universe
– Chakra clearing and balancing
– Imparting feelings of peace, calm, joy, contentment

Who is Archangel Metatron?  Archangels are beings of high vibrational energy, existing as almost 100% light. Metatron has our highest and greatest good as his primary intention, and through this healing modality, connects us to the Divine light in which he works – to awaken each of us to a lighter, more joyful, higher-vibrational existence.  For more information on Archangel Metatron and Metatronia Therapy® please visit the Metatronia Therapy Foundation of Light.

A Metatronia Therapy® session is experienced much like a Reiki session:  usually laying down, with eyes closed.

Your investment:  $30 per 15min
Location:  In Person or Distance Session

Much healing can be accomplished in less than one-hour.  While there is value in longer sessions, there is no one-size-fits-all for healing.
Do not underestimate the value of a shorter session.

What clients have said about their Metatronia Therapy® sessions

Thank you Carla for the lovely distant Metatronia Therapy® session with you. I so enjoyed how experiential it was and the process of sharing feedback together afterwards by e-mail. It was such a powerful session and I loved how safe and loved I felt. It was evident when the session started and I loved how relaxing it was; near the end I fell asleep knowing that the healing would continue. I felt very grounded and rejuvenated the next day. I will definitely be requesting another session in the near future. Thank you Carla and thank you Metatron! ~Kelly Vass, Sherwood Park, AB

My MT session with Carla was wonderful. I went in not knowing what to expect, but staying open to whatever I felt. Even though it was a distant session I could feel the energy work so strongly, truly amazing! I felt relaxed and calm. I walked away feeling peaceful, with more clarity, and a stronger sense of self. Carla has a gift, and I have great confidence in the work she does with me. Thank you! ~Stacey

Thank you, Carla for another enlightening Metatronia® Therapy session last night! Again, upon reflection, I can see how the messages come through you for my deeper understanding, healing, and growth. The session itself was fully relaxing, and the messages were so robust with guidance, encouragement, and enlightenment. I don’t realize how much spiritual work is happening while I’m “not looking”. It’s work of the heart, being done through you. I’m sincerely grateful for how attuned you are!  ~HW