A number of modalities are woven together in each session to best suit your needs.

Akashic Records:  an energetic, vibrational imprint of everything – every experience, emotion, word spoken, action, thought, event, etc. – that has ever occurred. Everything your soul has experienced, in all lifetimes, is stored there. A window into your past lives and your soul’s experiences to help you understand the root causes of issues you may be dealing with today. The records can provide a greater understanding as to the “why” of certain situations and issues in this lifetime. 

Ever wonder why:
• you have a strong connection to someone?  You keep being drawn together, whether it feels good or not? 
• you have an intense fear of something, but no conscious memory of why?  
• you feel stuck in an area of your life?  

Limiting beliefs, fears, and experiences from previous lifetimes can be carried within our spirit and triggered by things that happen in this lifetime.  They can be cleared away if they’re no longer serving you, and if you’re ready to release them. Relief and freedom can be felt when we let go of a baggage we likely didn’t even realize we were carrying – possibly for many lifetimes!

Intuitive Energy Sessions include information from the akashic records. Adventure in the Akashic Records packages offers an even more in-depth exploration. Akashic Records Courses offer an opportunity to learn to access your own records and help others access theirs.


Angelic Healing:  Clearing and Rejuvenation with Archangels Jophiel, Sandalphon, Metatron. Intense, powerful clearing of your chakras and energy field, removing what no longer serves you, and replenishing your energy field. This often leaves you with a high vibration and light feeling. I’m always working with angels so this is just naturally incorporated into my sessions.

Mediumship:  Communicating with guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed on. Everyone has  spirit guides, angels and other beings working with them. They can see the big picture of our soul’s journey, and our purposes, desires, and goals in this lifetime. They’re nudging us toward options for our highest good all the time – even if we don’t notice the signs and signals they send. Messages might be relayed through other people, oracle cards, lyrics in songs on the radio, images or thoughts that come to us – and so many more ways. Often we dismiss the guidance as coincidence or simply our thoughts. 

Messages usually come through during sessions, but you are also welcome to bring specific questions.

Metatronia Therapy® A powerful vibrational modality, offering deep healing and alignment at the soul level. Archangel Metatron removes blockages and belief patterns no longer serving you.

Imparts feelings of freedom, lightness, peace, joy, and contentment.

“My MT session with Carla was wonderful. I went in not knowing what to expect, but staying open to whatever I felt. Even though it was a distant session I could feel the energy work so strongly, truly amazing! I felt relaxed and calm. I walked away feeling peaceful, with more clarity, and a stronger sense of self. Carla has a gift, and I have great confidence in the work she does with me. Thank you!” ~Stacey

Metatronia Therapy® (MT, for short) is sometimes described as similar to reiki. There is a similarity in the sense that you receive a session generally the same way: laying down, with no touch (or very light touch only), but it can be quite different in the sensations you might feel on a physical level, and the whole experience.

Colours, shapes, messages, images, and other downloads come through by way of light energy transmissions. These balance mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical layers of a person – right down to the cellular level.

After the session, I relay what came through to me through my clair-abilities, much of which indicates the healing that occurred. On a conscious level, we may not understand the full meaning of the messages, but the ultimate feeling is a shift away from fear and toward the higher vibration of love and peace.

I absolutely love MT sessions, ever since the first one I received! My experience is usually that of going into a dream-like state, with indescribable sensations and visions – different each time, and awakening to a feeling of lightness and clarity. But it’s important that one releases any expectations, as each person experiences MT in their own unique way: some experience significant physical sensations and visuals, for example, and others notice very little on a conscious level.

Who is Archangel Metatron? Archangels are light beings of high vibrational energy. Metatron has our highest good as his primary intention, and connects us to source to awaken us to a lighter, more joyful, higher-vibrational existence. For more information on Metatron and Metatronia Therapy® please visit the Metatronia Therapy Foundation of Light via these two websites: and

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Oracle Cards:  One of the ways source (your guides and angels) sends messages to us. They can help with confirmation of decisions already made, spark inspiration or guidance around the direction you’re headed, insight around a particular situation or area of your life, or simply an idea or reminder of the spiritual support you have beyond our 3D world.

Reiki:  Energy is all around us – everything is energy, including ourselves. We are energy within a physical body. As the energy flows we go about our day, yet regular activities and interactions can result in energy getting stuck and slowed in its movement as we resist ideas, experience stress, feel emotions and react to situations. Energy can stay stagnant and there can be less energetic flow in an area. This is often not noticeable to us, but can result in physical pain, illness, and fatigue, mental fog or anxiety.  

Energy work or reiki (or other related energetic modalities) is the shifting, clearing and replenishing of energy in and around the physical body and the energy field – even relating to your thoughts and emotions. Clearing and aligning the chakras ultimately sparking healing within you.

Energy is in and around all of us. As a conduit for this energy, I use intuition and divine wisdom to guide it to what areas need attention.

Chakras are energy centres in and around the body, and the auric field is the energy field surrounding the physical body – all of which are impacted by day-to-day experiences and interactions. Trauma, stress, and pain can be stored in any chakra, any area of the physical body, or any aspect of a person.

Energy work like reiki involves clearing and aligning of chakras as well as the energy field around the physical body. This facilitates freer energy flow within you, and a resulting impact on your regular ability to handle daily life.

I work as I’m intuitively guided to facilitate the clearing away of what you’re ready to release that’s not serving you any longer. This process sparks the healing within you.

The results of energy work are as varied as each person is unique, but often include: greater mental clarity and focus, motivation and increased energy level, improved resilience, feelings of peace and contentment.

Yoga Nidra:  A gentle way to remove limiting beliefs. A journey to the state between wakefulness and sleep. Similar to a guided meditation, but with some structure and intention. It’s a completely still practice usually done in savasana – that is, laying on the back, palms up. The physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects of you are sequentially guided into a state of complete relaxation in order explore your inner consciousness. 

The term san kalpa is used in yoga nidra. This is a heartfelt intention – a short positive statement in present tense (e.g. using “am” not “will be”) – which reflects a way of being that you aspire to, e.g. I am valued for who I am, I feel free, I am calm, I embody joyfulness, and so on — the options are endless, and your choice.

In this receptive state, you are able to counteract and overwrite limiting beliefs running in your subconscious by introducing your chosen san kalpa. It can be as refreshing as 2 to 3 hours of deep sleep.

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