Frequently Asked Questions

Why might someone want a healing session?
– You feel “stuck” – there’s an area of your life, you just can’t seem to move forward.
– You’re procrastinating.
– You feel anxious, stressed, or unable to communicate with ease.
– You feel down or “off” – not your usual self but can’t (or can) put your finger on why.
– You are upset or confused about a situation and wish to find more clarity.
– You are not feeling as calm and centred as you’d like
– You would like to feel more peaceful.
– You have a pain in an area of your body.
– For clarity – mental focus, reduction in mental chatter
– Emotional healing
– Removal of old thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you
– To raise your vibration
– Soul connection, heart connection, connection with your higher self, inner truth
– Feeling of one-ness between you and the universe
– Chakra clearing and balancing
– For peace, calm, joy, contentment
– You feel just fine in all aspects of your life and would just like to treat yourself to the experience of a session.
What's an in-person energy session like?

 Typically the session occurs with you on a massage table under blankets, face-up, situated comfortably, and eyes closed once the session begins.  Closing the eyes does allow for a more distraction-free experience in order to go inward, but eyes can be open and an interactive session is an option. If laying down is a problem, or if simply sitting would be preferred, this can be arranged.

During the session, my hands are always gently on, or slightly above, your body.  Any touching is very gentle, and this is discussed ahead of time in case touch is problematic for you.  Hand placement, the exact locations and how long spent at each spot, will vary depending on your energetic needs in certain areas.  I move around the body as I am intuitively guided. Energy flows throughout the session, stimulating healing and relaxation throughout your body, mind and spirit.

What's a distance energy session like?

Distance sessions are similar to in-person, simply without us being in each other’s physical presence.  Being in the same location is not required for the energy to do its healing.  You can stay at home in your pyjamas and have a session, no commuting required!  Energy will flow to where it is needed and intended, regardless of the distance between client and practitioner.  I know this can sometimes be challenging to wrap one’s mind around, but the impact is unmistakable.

You will simply lay down, eyes closed, in a quiet spot in your home where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session.  My focus will be on you and any certain areas of your physical body and other aspects to which I am intuitively guided. The energy does not require physical contact to be effective.  The result is the same as an in-person session.

Distance sessions can be done with or without a technology connection (such as phone, Zoom/Skype, etc.) during the session. Receiving Spirit Guide messages or an Akashic Record session, specifically, could be done in-person, via phone, by video-conference, or correspondence by email or instant messenger chat.

What might a person experience during an energy session?

You may experience all, some, or none of the following during a session: 
– Visual images, geometric shapes, colours – in your mind’s eye
– Muscle twitches
– Tingles, shivers, goosebumps
– Sensation of an area of your body being gently pulled or pushed, as though by a magnet or light pressure
– Hearing sounds, music, words, messages that come into your awareness
– Slight dizziness, spacey feeling
– So relaxed that you may fall asleep

What happens after a session?

After a session you may experience all, some, or none of the following: 
– Deep relaxation – release of stress and tension
– Peaceful – a calmness
– Grounded and centred – a greater sense of being in the moment
– Clarity – ability to see your way forward in a certain situation, greater mental focus
– Discovery of some insight into yourself, “a-ha” moments
– Physical healing – greater ease of movement in a certain area of the body that previously felt stiff or sore
– Joyful – feeling “light”, with a brighter outlook on the world around you
– Emotional – healing can cause emotions to rise to the surface, which is perfectly natural and tears provide a necessary release.
– Little or no noticeable change.  It’s possible that you may feel very little difference compared to before the session, and feel none of the effects listed above.  This does not mean that the session didn’t work.  Rest assured that the energy is working on a subconscious level – emotional healing, aiding spiritual growth, dissolving energy blocks, and so on – all of this going on unnoticed to the conscious mind and awareness.  Many subtle shifts and the clearing will continue for days without you even being aware of it.