Group Sessions

Relaxing and tranquil group distance intuitive sessions.

Reiki, angelic healing, messages from guides, angels and archangels, and information from the akashic records may all come into play in the session. Each session unique as I’m guided each evening to best suit the needs of the group.

Great for:
• relaxation
• alleviating anxiety and stress
• imparting feelings of peace and contentment
• increasing clarity
• removing negative thought patterns and beliefs no longer serving you
• adjusting and optimizing aspects of you for your highest good;
• you’ll be wrapped in an ethereal blanket of comfort to complete your session.

I’ll share what healing took place, and any messages that came through.

Where:  All participants are in their respective homes to receive the healing. Choose a quiet spot where you can sit or lay down. Ensure your head and neck are supported, so you can fully relax.

Offered either:

• online over Zoom or
• completely remote – no technology connection required

Cost:  30min session is $20+GST, Canadian dollars.

Upcoming Offerings:  Stay tuned!

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Located in Calgary, Canada.
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