Intuitive energy sessions are an alternative or complement to more conventional forms of therapy. 

Be guided to explore your inner consciousness.

Receive messages from spirit.

‘Such an awesome session. There really were sooo many synchronicities. Thank you very much Carla. I get emotional just thinking about the weight you lifted. How light my heart feels – there’s no longer that pressure, what felt like a rock sitting there is gone – I can feel again.’ ~Sheri

So, what is an intuitive energy session like? 

What a session IS:

It is, in part, a very meditative, inward experience for you. 

It’s you being guided into a place of deep relaxation.

It’s the shifting and clearing, on an energetic and spiritual level, what is ready to be adjusted, released and cleared.

It’s the sharing of imagery and messages that came through to me during the process.

It’s ensuring you find resonance in the messages and the overall experience.


What a session IS NOT:

It’s not fortune-telling. I don’t predict your future, tell you when or what will happen. During or after a session you may find you are able to envision more clearly what you desire for your future, or in which direction you feel called to go. But there are many possible outcomes.

It’s not about me telling you what to do, or whether something is a good idea. Clearing away the mental chatter and overthinking will help you sense more clearly what feels right for you. 

It’s not me telling you ‘how it is’ as an absolute. What comes through may stimulate your own memory, or be a catalyst for your higher self to make a connection, but there isn’t just one right answer.

Why might you want to book a session?

Seeking insight and clarity around an issue keeping you awake at night.

Calm your heightened nervous system – find relief from stress and anxiety. 

Find freedom from something holding you back or weighing you down.

Feeling uncertain or lacking self-confidence.

Inspiration and motivation: a spark to relieve feeling down or in a slump.

Healing from grief.

Curiosity: a keen interest in exploring your inner consciousness, the spirit world, and what is beyond the five senses.

Relief from physical pain.

These are my commitments to each person I work with: 

To listen without judgment or expectation.

To maintain a pure intention, holding your highest good and healing as my focus.

To clear away what's no longer serving you that you are ready to release.

To share with you what comes up, and ensure there is resonance and that there are useful take-aways for you.

To maintain complete privacy and confidentiality. 

The following modalities are woven into each session:

Akashic Records.  The source of issues we’re struggling with now may have originated in a past life, and can be cleared. Learn more

Angelic Healing. Angels provide powerful healing. Learn more

Intuitive Guidance.  Insight based on what I pick up intuitively.

Mediumship. Messages from guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed on. Learn more

Metatronia Therapy®.   Healing and messages from Archangel Metatron. Learn more

Oracle Cards.  Messages from source can come via oracle cards. Learn more

Reiki. Energy guided to shift and clear energy to  spark healing. Learn more

Yoga Nidra.  Remove limiting beliefs while journeying to the blissful state between wakefulness and sleep. Learn more

Intuitive Energy Sessions

Regularly scheduled sessions offer valuable maintenance and long-term impacts.
 Bundle-pricing available when booking more than one session at a time.

Single session
60min = $120
45min = $95
30min = $60
per session

Book 2, 3, or 4 sessions
at one time: 
60min = $111
45min = $88
30min = $55
per session

Book 5 or more sessions
at one time: 
60min = $100
45min = $80
30min = $50
per session

All prices are in Canadian dollars, and will have GST added for Canadian residents.

Bundle pricing requires payment ahead of the first session.

Special rates for referrals:  for both the refer-er and the refer-ee. Please inquire.

A note to those in financial hardship, and those for whom these rates feel out of reach: 
If you are in this category please contact me so we can figure out a way to make a session accessible for you.

Specialized Packages

An opportunity to work through specific issues on an even deeper level with frequent sessions.
Packages have been created for sustained self-discovery, inspiration, support, and wellness.

All sessions are currently being done by phone, online (video or audio), or by email. The impact is equally effective as an in-person session.

In Person sessions in NW Calgary AB, Canada, are currently unavailable due to COVID19.

Group sessions
Energy sessions that are offered to multiple people at the same time, while individual benefit is still received.
Each person stays in the comfort of their own home for the experience. 

Book a complimentary 15min chat to see if working together feels like a good fit

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