Carla Grundison, BSc 
Intuitive Energy Practitioner & Teacher

An alternative to traditional counselling
Intuitive insights & energy work to help you gain trust & a solid confidence in yourself and your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

Individualized courses & mentoring for you to discover, develop & gain confidence in your own intuitive abilities.

Are you a curious skeptic?

Me too! I always have been – so I get it. If you have doubts and questions about intuition, spirituality and energy work, but also a deep sense of curiosity – you’re in the right place. Ask questions, explore, give it a try – confidentially, privately, and with no judgment.

Newly discovering your intuitive abilities, but a bit unsure about using them? 

I know what it’s like to be really curious and excited to learn, but also a bit confused, not quite sure if you’re ‘doing it right.’ I offer a safe space to ask questions, practice, and gain trust in your abilities.

Experienced with your intuition & healing, but still struggle with doubt about your own abilities? 

I’m very familiar with that feeling. Get support and coaching so you can get on with using and expanding your abilities with ease and confidence.

'Carla is one of the most genuine and open-hearted healers I know. Anyone would be lucky to receive her generous spirit and her deeply empathic skills. Thank you Carla!' ~Josette

Short-term impacts of an energy session:

Deep relaxation and sense of calm

Relief from stress and anxiety

Feel refreshed, rejuvenated, a sense of renewal, gain new perspectives

Connect to your inner consciousness and intuition.

Gain clarity – reduce mental chatter, & enjoy a greater ability to focus.

Physical well-being:  alleviation or relief from pain.

Better sleep.

Improved sense of overall well-being.

Over time, the long-term impacts of regular energy work:

Relationships & Communication:  regain a strong sense of self-worth – improve your ability to share your truth with confidence

Decision-making:  fear less, trust yourself, and get in-tune with what feels right instead of what you think you should do

Habits & routines:  feel empowered to make choices that support you and your goals

Self-confidence:  worry less about what people think 

Spiritual connection: discover your inner wisdom, intuition, & connection to spirit

Perspective and outlook:  your approach and reaction to circumstances and situations becomes more positive and accepting.

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