Communicating with guides, angels, and loved ones who have passed on.

Connecting with your guides and angels.

Everyone has a spirit guide, angel or other being working with them – usually more than one! 

They can see the big picture of our soul’s journey, and our purpose in this lifetime.

They’re offering guidance, and nudging us toward options for our highest good all the time – even if we don’t notice the signs and signals they send.  Messages might be relayed through other people, lyrics in songs on the radio, images or thoughts that come to us – and so many more ways.  Often we dismiss the guidance as coincidence or simply our thoughts. 

Messages often come through during healing sessions, but you can also bring questions to the session. 

• Curious what your spirit guide is like?

• Wonder what messages they might have for you? 

• Looking for guidance in a certain area?

We can even get you connecting with your own guides, yourself, if you’d like!

Connecting with friends and loved ones who have passed away.

• Do you have questions for a friend or family member who has passed away?

• Wonder if they have any messages for you? 

• Would you like to relay a message?  

• Do you want to know if they’ve crossed over? 

Note:  if a loved one has died very recently, it may be advisable to wait some time – even up to a year – before connecting with them. This allows for your healing and theirs. That said, there are no absolutes in spiritual work, so let’s check and see what feels right and for your highest good. 

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