An opportunity for deeper work.

Lasting benefits can be gained with regular, frequent sessions.

‘I feel like this program definitely helped shift me to where I needed to be. I don’t know if I would be in the same heart and head space without it – I am so much more confident now. I discovered a lot of things about myself during the four weeks. The remote healings and emails definitely helped with my daily headaches and stress levels. Thank you so much Carla for this beautiful program….I don’t know if my words are actually doing your work enough justice.’ ~ Toni, 4-week healing participant, 2020.

Current Offerings

4 week One-on-One In-Depth Intuitive Package

Well-suited to those seeking focused attention toward: 
• A particular area of physical or mental wellness.
• Relief from anxiety, prolonged stress, and/or grief.
• Difficulty sleeping. • Improved self-confidence.
and to those: 
• Open to support from the spirit realm.
• Who prefer one-on-one, individualized sessions.
• With a schedule that allows for 6 to 8 sessions in 4 weeks 

What you receive:
• More than 5 hours of one-on-one sessions.  
Daily morning intuitive reading, energy work and individualized email over the 4 weeks (no technology connection required)
Practice of your own intuitive abilities if time permits, including connection to your own guides, angels, and beings to assist and support you.

$550 – $730 for 4 weeks. Canadian dollars. GST will be added for Canadian residents. All sessions to be completed within 5 weeks.

Energize your Day
Daily Remote Reading & Email

Well-suited to those: 
• Seeking inspiration, insight, and guidance from spirit – something to jumpstart their day.
• Who desire a grounded and focused start to the day.
• Who are open to sessions that are completely remote (no technology connection).

What you receive:
• Two one-on-one sessions (50min + 30min) by Zoom or phone
• Daily remote intuitive reading / energy session, and a short email sent to you each morning (no technology connection required). 

$225 – two sessions + daily readings for 14 consecutive days. 
$185 – two sessions + daily readings for 7 consecutive days.
$60 – daily readings for 7 consecutive days.
Prices are in Canadian dollars. GST will be added for Canadian residents.

Adventure in the Akashic Records

Well-suited to those:
• Open to visualization and using their intuition.
• Curious to explore their past lives and akashic records. 
• No pre-existing experience with the akashic records required.

What you receive:
• 3 to 5 one-on-one sessions (50min) by Zoom or phone
• Build consecutively on the previous session to continue the in-depth exploration. 

$250, $320, $390 for 3, 4, or 5 sessions respectively
Prices are in Canadian dollars. GST will be added for Canadian residents.

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