Reiki:  Reiki was often a mystery to me, prior to you showing me the power of the practice.  Now I see what a special and unique journey every session is!  It’s an hour of imagery, physical sensation, and spiritual connection.  You open up each chakra, and allow a safe, comfortable, and loving space for me to relax, explore my feelings, and let any and all emotions/energy flow!  I know I can laugh, cry, and release everything as it arises, and you’ll be supportive and comforting throughout the process.  Carla, your caring and sense of responsibility for my well-being comes through each time we meet, and I’m so grateful!  I look forward to every session, and grateful for the deep sense of clarity and calm that I have after each one!  Thank you!! ~HW

Reiki: I have done several sessions with Carla, and I really like how she creates space before a session to prompt me to set an intention.  I’m always surprised at how my mind stays with that intention through a session, when it normally flits from thought to thought to thought. In her practice, Carla creates a space (energy?) that supports gentle, continuous attention to my intention, and that this has led to many insights and gifts (including things as simple as awareness of how my workspace was eroding my mental and physical well-being, and of a few simple changes that were easy to make and which have been hugely beneficial). Chatting with her afterward helps me solidify the healing and bring it with me back to my day-to-day life. ~KGC

Reiki:  Carla has an inherent gift that I believe she was born with.  She makes people feel both calm and energized. I have struggled with massive anxiety since I was about seven or eight years old, and Carla has seen me through my worst. Even when I have been in a state of near panic she has, just through her energy, helped me to relax.  I have tried to articulate to myself many times what exactly Carla doesto help me in these situations and each time I have come back to the same place: Carla has a healing energy, there is no other way to put it. ~BW

Metatronia Therapy®: Thank you Carla for the lovely distant Metatronia® Therapy session with you. I so enjoyed how experiential it was and the process of sharing feedback together afterwards by e-mail. It was such a powerful session and I loved how safe and loved I felt. It was evident when the session started and I loved how relaxing it was; near the end I fell asleep knowing that the healing would continue. I felt very grounded and rejuvenated the next day. I will definitely be requesting another session in the near future. Thank you Carla and thank you Metatron! ~Kelly Vass, Sherwood Park, AB

Metatronia Therapy®:  My MT session with Carla was wonderful. I went in not knowing what to expect, but staying open to whatever I felt. Even though it was a distant session I could feel the energy work so strongly, truly amazing! I felt relaxed and calm. I walked away feeling peaceful, with more clarity, and a stronger sense of self. Carla has a gift, and I have great confidence in the work she does with me. Thank you! ~Stacey

Metatronia Therapy®:  Thank you, Carla for another enlightening Metatronia® Therapy session last night! Again, upon reflection, I can see how the messages come through you for my deeper understanding, healing, and growth. The session itself was fully relaxing, and the messages were so robust with guidance, encouragement, and enlightenment. I don’t realize how much spiritual work is happening while I’m “not looking”. It’s work of the heart, being done through you. I’m sincerely grateful for how attuned you are!  ~HW

Akashic Records:  Can I just say…I feel notably lighter, freer, and more content inside since our Akashic records session on Saturday. I don’t feel this heartache any longer. There’s been a shift… I felt overwhelming peace.  ~ Preferred to remain anonymous

Akashic Records: Thank you so much for this!  It was really interesting reading this last night right before bed, it was almost as if it was less the words and something about the energy of the message I could feel things shift within me, it was really cool. I went to bed and slept deeper and way longer than my usual too. It’s like the truth behind the words really resonated with something within me.  Awesome!  So glad I did this. You are very gifted my friend! ~Stacey

Healing Session – Mixed Modality:  Such an awesome session. There really were sooo many synchronicities. Thank you very much Carla. I get emotional just thinking about the weight you lifted. How light my heart feels – there’s no longer that pressure, what felt like a rock sitting there is gone – I can feel again.  ~Sheri

Short Intensive Clearing Session:  I was blessed to be able to experience a mini healing session with Carla tonight. I felt the energies immediately. So did my cat & child who both gravitated to me. First I was thanking the Universe for this opportunity and for some other blessings in my life. Then I was guided by my guides to chant abundance mantra. As the session neared the end I was overcome with such a strong feeling of deep gratitude. So strong it brought tears to my eyes. The insight Carla shared with me afterwards was on point and in alignment with who I am. I’d definitely recommend working with Carla! ~Marla

Short Intensive Clearing Session:  Amazing, thank you Carla. For a 5 minute healing session it was amazing how I felt after, I am very grateful to have received this healing. ~ Cindy G.

Short Intensive Clearing Session:  Thanks so much Carla. That was really neat. That was really beautiful and really intense for 5 minutes. You’re such a wonderful healer. ~Sheri

Mediumship Session:  Wow, this email with all the messages you received is amazing to read every time. There’s a lot that I resonate with here and it was really uncanny how well you tapped into what was in my environment and what my experience was like.  The other messages really warm my heart. So thank you so very much for relaying these timely messages. They are very reassuring and well received! ~ Dawn 

Mediumship Session:  I highly recommend connecting with Carla. She did a spirit guide reading for me, and it was down right eerie, the information she was provided by my guides. Before you think ‘oh, that’s nice’, and carry on, she connected with a spirit guide of mine that I have NEVER, EVER told anyone about. She described him perfectly. The messages she delivered resonated with me to my bones. It’s a wonderful experience to have! – Jenn

Reiki:   I have known Carla personally for many years and she has always been a gentle guiding soul, so it was only natural to see her move into something that captures her positive energy and channel it into something so gentle as reiki.

I received my first reiki session from Carla recently and it was a wonderful experience. Her house is bright and welcoming with a large room dedicated to her practice. You lie down on the massage table facing up, she covers you in a soft blanket and the session begins as you close your eyes and begin to drift into the most relaxing state of consciousness.

Upon the session ending I was asked to choose a card from her many decks of taro cards. But I was really in no shape to read. I felt totally
discombobulated after my session and therefore I do recommend clearing your schedule after your session as it can be an emotional experience. Just like getting a massage, you may be left feeling light headed and dizzy, which I very much did. It was a very angelic feeling which required me to go home and enjoy quiet and solace until the next morning.

May I suggest keeping your mind open as I went in with a certain intention and when listening to my thoughts after the session, it really shed light on other matters I needed to address.

I highly recommend Carla, not only as a genuine person, but someone in tune with her practice of sharing warm light and energy healing. If you haven’t had a reiki session, Carla makes you feel very comfortable so I highly recommend booking a session with her. ~ Kat

Metatronia Therapy®:  I had a session with Carla and was both profound and insightful. Amazing!  ~ EC

Yoga Nidra:  Carla i just finished your chakra nidra and i have to say it was FANTASTIC. i thought it was so so well done. i could really embody what you were trying to get across with that. ~Olivia
Reiki:  I cant believe that! i keep talking about how amazing that session was to my friends. ~Olivia
Group Healing Session:  What a tremendous session! Wow. Thank you for your help. This was a big deal for me. So many beautiful connections, I’m so very grateful. Very well done. You have incredible gifts Carla, I am inspired by your grounded, calm and very professional caring demeanour. Keep up the exceptional work. ~April
Metatronia Therapy®:  I had a session with Carla and had things confirmed, and learned some new things about myself. As far as the healing went, Carla helped me open up more, and my energy is stronger. I reccomend anyone that is considering having work done by Carla, to do it. She is an incredibly insightful and a wonderful person and healer. ~Ken M.

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