Directed energy flow – clearing and aligning the chakras,
healing and replenishing the energy field, ultimately sparking healing within you.

Reiki is life force energy, and energy is in and around all of us.  As a conduit for this energy, I use intuition and divine wisdom to guide it to what areas need attention.

Chakras (energy centres) are cleared and aligned, facilitating smoother energy flow within you; and the auric field (energy field) around the physical body is also healed – all of which are impacted by day-to-day experiences and interactions.

Trauma, stress, and pain can be stored in any area of the physical body or any aspect of a person. I work as I’m intuitively guided to clear away what you’re ready to release that’s no longer serving you. 

This process sparks the healing within you.

The results of this form of healing are far-reaching and as varied as each person is unique, but often include:  greater mental clarity and focus, motivation and increased energy level, improved resilience, feelings of peace and contentment.

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