The practice of reiki is an energy healing modality.  Reiki, itself, is a name for universal life force energy – the energy that is in and around all of us and all living things.  The guided flow of this energy stimulates natural healing, promotes clarity and calmness, and offers numerous mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits.  The practitioner is a conduit through which the energy flows and – using intuition and divine wisdom, tuning in to higher levels of consciousness – the energy is guided to where it’s needed in the recipient. The result is healing sparked within, on all levels. 

What reiki can assist with:
– You feel “stuck” – there’s an area of your life in which you just can’t move forward.
– You’re procrastinating.
– You feel anxious, stressed, or unable to communicate with ease.
– You feel down or “off” – not your usual self but can’t (or can) put your finger on why.
– You are upset or confused about a situation and wish to find more clarity.
– You are not feeling as calm and centred as you’d like, and would like to feel more peaceful.
– You have a pain in an area of your body.
– You feel just fine in all aspects of your life and would just like to treat yourself to the experience of a session.

Reiki is usually offered in a Mixed Modality Healing Session, during which you may receive intuitive guidance, messages from spirit guides, loved ones, angels or archangels, as well as information from the akashic records.

Your investment:  $30 per 15min
Location:  In Person or Distance

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to healing, so there are many options to suit your needs and your budget.  Appointments can be booked for:   30, 45, 60, 75, or 90min.  

What clients have said about their reiki sessions

Reiki was often a mystery to me, prior to you showing me the power of the practice.  Now I see what a special and unique journey every session is!  It’s an hour of imagery, physical sensation, and spiritual connection.  You open up each chakra, and allow a safe, comfortable, and loving space for me to relax, explore my feelings, and let any and all emotions/energy flow!  I know I can laugh, cry, and release everything as it arises, and you’ll be supportive and comforting throughout the process.  Carla, your caring and sense of responsibility for my well-being comes through each time we meet, and I’m so grateful!  I look forward to every session, and grateful for the deep sense of clarity and calm that I have after each one!  Thank you!! ~HW

Carla has an inherent gift that I believe she was born with.  She makes people feel both calm and energized. I have struggled with massive anxiety since I was about seven or eight years old, and Carla has seen me through my worst. Even when I have been in a state of near panic she has, just through her energy, helped me to relax.  I have tried to articulate to myself many times what exactly Carla doesto help me in these situations and each time I have come back to the same place: Carla has a healing energy, there is no other way to put it. ~BW