Spiritual Abilities Practice Group

We all have spiritual abilities. A bit like muscles, they work best
and strengthen when used frequently.

Anyone is welcome who wants to learn, develop, or just practice with their abilities.

It also helps to share our experiences and learn from each other!


What we’ll do:
I’ll set a general theme or focus for the session, and we’ll practice and share experiences.

Great if you are exploring your abilities and want an opportunity to practice and to meet others doing the same!

We’ll practice things like:
• How to sense and communicate outside of the 5 physical/3D senses (clair-abilities), to receive messages from source, guides, angels, other beings
• Partner with others to practice picking up messages and any other intuitive info and insights
• Automatic writing
• …and more, depending on interest!

Upcoming Offerings:
Sunday, February 21st, 2021, 9:45am-11:00am MST.  The goal is to offer it twice per month.

In the comfort of your own home, via video conference – Zoom.

$10 (includes GST)
E-transfer to carla(at)energycontinuum.com.
Answer to security question can be: energy
PayPal available if preferred.

To Register:
Message me at carla(at)energycontinuum.com or on Facebook no later than Friday Feb 19th at 6pm MST.

Looking forward to seeing you if who feel called to attend!

Book a complimentary 15min chat to see if working together feels like a good fit!

To book, or for any inquiries, email
carla(at)energycontinuum.com or send me a message on Facebook