Update – February 18, 2021

Welcome to the mid-February Energy Continuum Healing Update!

I’m so glad you’re here! It’s just the second of these updates I’ve created so far.

I’ve recently felt called to connect in and write channeled messages again. I’d taken a bit of a break, not having felt drawn to it so much in the last couple of months. But I’m thrilled to be back at it, connecting in and receiving messages most mornings and evenings these days. I’ve posted some new blog posts, as well, including some of my own experiences on trusting in times of uncertainty.

In the past year, each one of us has had our own unique mental, emotional, and physical wellness challenges. Please consider making time for a healing session occasionally, either with me or another practitioner to whom you feel drawn. If you’re in pain, stressed, anxious, or perhaps moving through grief – the soothing experience of connecting to source energy in a healing session will help things to shift in the way that works for you and your current experience.

You might be a practitioner, yourself! If so, please receive this reminder that you don’t have to struggle through because you think you should be able to do it all on your own. Healers can also benefit from healing from another practitioner from time to time, just like coaches need coaches and trainers need training! 

I trust that you will find something of value in the messages and information in this update. And have a peek around at the rest of the site, while you’re here. Enjoy!

With gratitude,

Carla Grundison, BSc
Intuitive Healing Teacher & Practitioner

In Calgary we’re just coming out of a deep-freeze, but the frost on the windows had its benefits. Here’s our cat, Boo, intently focused on the shadows of the birds outside. ♥

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All was quiet on the blog front for quite some time, but I’ve recently done some writing and posted a few new pieces. Find them here.

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Two key benefits of energy healing sessions:  relaxation and a sense of peace and calm.

All my healing sessions are currently offered by phone or Zoom video-chat, and each one includes being gently guided into relaxation to begin, and then back into awareness at the completion of the session. Click the button for more info. 

Message from source:  Joy

Joy is not elusive, far away, or something that must be awaited. It does not require a complicated combination of wealth, achievement, success or popularity to be found. 

And yet so often you wait for it, as though it were on a long journey on its way to you – expected to arrive only once you do the next thing.

Joy is like buried treasure or an archaeological find – right beneath your feet.

It may be covered over by dirt and dust which has built up over time, as the ego and thinking mind have worried and analyzed the debris into place. You may believe it resides at a great depth beneath the surface: a monumental task to unearth. But, in fact, anything between you and your joy is, in fact, weightless. It requires only the gentle breeze of choice, acceptance, and flowing with what feels right – to reveal your joy.

After writing this message on joy, I chose to pull a card – these are the two that came up. So much synchronicity!
From the Sacred Traveler deck…
Beneath the surface, lies great bounty.
Go deep, explore your roots.

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