Yoga Nidra

A gentle way to remove limiting beliefs.

Journey to the state between wakefulness and sleep.

Similar to a guided meditation, but with some structure and intention.

What is it:  Yoga nidra is a completely still practice in savasana – that is, laying on the back, palms up.

Similar to a guided meditation, it is truly unique as you are guided into a state of complete relaxation – the physical, mental, emotional and energetic parts of you – in order explore your inner consciousness.

In this receptive state, you are able to counteract and overwrite limiting beliefs running in your subconscious, often holding you back.

Such deep relaxation can be as refreshing as 2 to 3 hours of deep sleep.

How to practice yoga nidra:  Find a spot to lay down on your back, palms up, ensuring your neck is supported, and using pillows and blankets as needed to be comfortable for close to one hour.

Choose a time when you are unlikely to have interruptions or distractions.

Try your best to maintain attention to the voice on the recording, staying alert without falling asleep.

Some people use yoga nidra as a technique to help them get to sleep, which is also valuable.

There really is no wrong way to practice yoga nidra.

What is a san kalpa The term san kalpa is referenced several times in a yoga nidra session.  A san kalpa is a heartfelt intention – a short positive statement in present tense (e.g. using “am” not “will be”) – which reflects a way of being that you aspire to. 

Some examples:  I am valued for who I am, I feel free, I am calm, I embody joyfulness, and so on — the options are endless, and your choice.

This Yoga Nidra Through The Chakras was written and recorded by me in November 2018.  Stay tuned for more nidras to come!

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