The practice of Reiki is an energy healing modality.  Reiki, itself, is universal life force energy – the energy that is in and around all of us and all living things.  The guided flow of this energy stimulates natural healing, promotes clarity and calmness, and offers numerous mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits.  The practitioner is a conduit through which the energy flows and – using intuition and Divine wisdom, tuning in to higher levels of consciousness – the energy is guided to where it’s needed in the recipient.  The result is healing on all levels.

Why you might want a Reiki session:
– You feel “stuck” – there’s an area of your life in which you just can’t move forward.
– You’re procrastinating.
– You feel anxious, stressed, or unable to communicate with ease.
– You feel down or “off” – not your usual self but can’t (or can) put your finger on why.
– You are upset or confused about a situation and wish to find more clarity.
– You are not feeling as calm and centred as you’d like, and would like to feel more peaceful.
– You have a pain in an area of your body.
– You feel just fine in all aspects of your life and would just like to treat yourself to the experience of a session.


Metatronia Therapy® is a soothing vibrational healing modality.  Deep healing is provided by Archangel Metatron, who connects with your unique energetic blueprint, aligning and connecting you with Divine light, or Source, raising your vibration.  This connection reaches you at the core level, cutting through any protective mechanisms (ego) you have built around your soul and spirit, repairing DNA and healing you at the cellular level.  Any blockages are found and belief patterns are removed – those which may have been preventing you from allowing your spirit to shine.  The uplifting energy transmissions that are downloaded from Metatron to facilitate this connection often involve colours and geometric shapes (sacred geometry). While the colours can point to certain areas that are being healed, we may not understand – on a conscious level – what the geometric shapes and colours mean; but the messages within are critical to soul-healing and transformation – ultimately shifting us away from fear and toward love. 

What Metatronia Therapy® can help with:
– Alleviation of anxiety, confusion, stress
– Provide clarity – mental focus, reduction in mental chatter
– Emotional healing
– Removal of old thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you
– Raising your vibration
– Soul connection, heart connection, connection with your higher self, inner truth
– Feeling of one-ness between you and the universe
– Chakra clearing and balancing
– Imparting feelings of peace, calm, joy, contentment

Who is Archangel Metatron?  Archangels are beings of high vibrational energy, existing as almost 100% light. Metatron has our highest and greatest good as his primary intention, and facilitates through this healing modality, to connect us to the Divine light in which he works – to awaken each of us to a lighter, more joyful, higher vibrational existence.
For more information on Archangel Metatron and Metatronia Therapy® please visit the Metatronia Therapy Foundation of Light.

Metatronia Therapy® sessions and Reiki sessions can be done either by distance or in person.  Read on for information about distance sessions.


The Akashic Records can be thought of as a library, or a database – every thought, experience, emotion, word spoken, action – that has ever occurred is stored there. Each person has their own section of the library.  In your section is housed all the experiences that has ever occurred for you – in this lifetime, and in all of your lifetimes.

Ways that an Akashic Records reading can help you:

– Understand yourself better
– Understand your relationships better
– Identify patterns and habits
– Divine guidance and peace of mind
– Gain clarity on your soul’s purpose
– Access information about your past live
– Learn about past life connections you had – including with people in this lifetime

The energy from the Akashic Records is very gentle and loving, and much healing can be gained simply by having your records opened.

Ever wonder why you have an intense fear of something but don’t have any idea why? Maybe you feel like you have known someone before, or have a strong connection to a person – but only just met them. Events, experiences, and relationships from past lifetimes can provide insights and healing simply by knowing the reason behind the connection.

Prepare a list of questions such as:

  • Why am I so afraid of [x]?
  • Did I have a connection with [x person] in a past life?
  • What is the best next step in my highest and greatest good with respect to [x situation or relationship or activity]?
  • Do I have a connection to a certain time in history or to a certain place in the world?
  • Is there something from a past lifetime that I can learn and heal from?
  • Did my interest in [x activity] originate in a previous lifetime?

Any question – whether it be out of curiosity or earnest desire for guidance around an issue you are struggling with in your life – can be put forward to the Akashic Records for information, wisdom, and healing.  Only information that will be helpful to you will be relayed.  The options are endless.

Sessions can be done in person or by distance.


Everyone has a spirit guide, often more than one.  Our guides have a higher perspective, can see the big picture of our lives, and are aware of our purpose here in this lifetime.

They are with us to provide guidance in one or more areas of our life, and are always trying to nudge us toward what is for our highest and greatest good with respect to our purpose.  These nudges come in many forms:  via signs of various types, messages relayed through others, lyrics in songs playing on the radio, images or thoughts that come into our minds – so many more ways.

But it can be difficult to discern what they’re trying to tell us.  So often we dismiss the guidance as coincidence or simply our thoughts.

  • Are you curious what your spirit guide is like?
  • Do you wonder what messages your spirit guide has for you?
  • Are you looking for guidance in a certain area?

If so, a Spirit Guide Message session may be for you!

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For information about how in-person and distance sessions work, click here.


Neither Reiki nor Metatronia Therapy® are substitutes for seeking medical attention and/or getting advice from a healthcare professional.  Both practices are complementary healing modalities. Please visit a healthcare professional first, for any pain or illness – mental or physical.  Information relayed during any session, including Akashic Record and Spirit Guide Connection sessions are not meant be prescriptive or directive, and are no guarantees to any particular outcome.  Exercise reasonable judgment to make decisions that are best for you in any area of your life. 



Session Pricing:
$100 per 1 hour
$75 per 45 min
$50 per 30 min
$33 per 20 min

By appointment.
Weekends: in-person and distance sessions available.
Weekday evenings: distance sessions available.

For more information and to book a session please email me at carla(at), or enter your contact info and a message into the form below – including how you would prefer to be contacted (by phone, text, or email).
I would love to hear from you!

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Each Reiki or Metatronia Therapy® session ultimately begins with a conversation either in person, by phone, or by email.

Whichever way we connect, this is the opportunity for you to share what you’d like to get out of the session – what you’d like me to help you with.  There’s no judgment. You are accepted wherever you’re at.

For an in-person energy session:   once you arrive and are situated face-up on the massage table under blankets, eyes closed –  the session begins.  My hands are always gently on, or slightly above, your body.  Hand placement – the exact locations and how long spent at each spot – can vary depending on your energetic needs in certain areas. Energy flows, stimulating healing and relaxation throughout your body, mind and spirit.

Distance energy sessions are similar to in-person, simply without us being in each other’s physical presence:  you lay down, eyes closed, in a quiet spot in your home where you will be undisturbed for the hour.  The focus will still be on you and any certain areas within you to which I am intuitively guided. The energy does not require physical contact – the healing will take place regardless of distance between practitioner and client.  The result is the same as an in-person session.

For Akashic Records or Spirit Guide Message sessions, it is a conversation – in person or by video chat or phone, or it could be done completely by email correspondence.

What you may experience during a Reiki or Metatronia Therapy® session: 
– Visual images, geometric shapes, colours – in your mind’s eye
– Muscle twitches
– Tingles, shivers, goosebumps
– Sensation of an area of your body being gently pulled or pushed, as though by a magnet or light pressure
– Hearing sounds, music, words, messages that come into your awareness
– Slight dizziness, spacey feeling
– So relaxed that you may fall asleep

After a Reiki or Metatronia Therapy® session, you may feel: 
– Deep relaxation – release of stress and tension
– Peaceful – a calmness
– Grounded and centred – a greater sense of being in the moment
– Clarity – ability to see your way forward in a certain situation, greater mental focus
– Discovery of some insight into yourself, “a-ha” moments
– Physical healing – greater ease of movement in a certain area of the body that previously felt stiff or sore
– Joyful – feeling “light”, with a brighter outlook on the world around you
– Emotional – healing can cause emotions to rise to the surface, which is perfectly natural and tears provide a necessary release.
– Little or no noticeable change.  It’s possible that you may feel very little difference compared to before the session, and feel none of the effects listed above.  This does not mean that the session didn’t work – quite the contrary.  Rest assured that the energy is working on a subconscious level – emotional healing, aiding spiritual growth, dissolving energy blocks, and so on – all of this going on unnoticed to the conscious mind and awareness.  Many subtle shifts and the clearing will continue for days without you even being aware of it.


Being in the same location is not required for the energy to do its healing. That’s right, you can stay at home in your pyjamas and have a session – no commuting required!  Energy will flow to where it is needed and intended, regardless of the distance between us.  I know this can sometimes be challenging to wrap your mind around – even I was uncertain until I had my first distance session early on in my training; but, I could feel the positive effects, without any doubt!  It is quite remarkable how location makes no difference to the healing, the energy goes exactly where it’s needed in the recipient.

Distance sessions for Reiki and Metatronia Therapy involve no direct connection during the session itself.  Akashic Records and Spirit Guide Message sessions can also be done this way, or may be done using video conference such as Zoom or Facebook video chat or by phone.  It is up to you, what you prefer.


The experience of any energy healing session is as unique as each person, therefore so is the healing that occurs within each of us, and any messages that are relayed.  How you feel during the session, and after, will vary depending on your circumstances: what frame of mind you’re in, what you’re experiencing at that time, and so on. It is important to release any expectations for the session and simply be open. A session at one point in time may result in more dramatic feelings and effects than another, but it does not mean that less is happening – just less you are consciously aware of.

No explanation I can provide can really do justice to the experience you will have during an energy healing session. The experience will be uniquely yours, exactly as you need for you in this particular moment of your life!

Reiki and Metatronia Therapy® are not substitutes for seeking medical attention and/or getting advice from a healthcare professional. Both practices are complementary healing modalities. Please visit a healthcare professional first, for any pain or illness – mental or physical.
Information relayed during Akashic Record and Spirit Guide Connection sessions are not meant be prescriptive or directive, and are no guarantees of any particular outcome. Exercise reasonable judgment to make decisions that are best for you.


I am a part-time energy practitioner offering Usui Reiki, Metatronia Therapy®, and Akashic Records services.

My full-time day job is very analytical; I‘m a problem-solver.  This energy healing practice gives me an outlet in which I can work purely from my heart and be of service to others.  In these sessions I am not healing you, per se, nor am I solving your problems.  What I am doing is holding space and allowing energy to flow – energy that will clear and realign you so that you can see the way forward for yourself, so you are feeling lighter, clearer, calmer, and better able to notice the joy in your life and see it expand!

I have a lovely studio dedicated to these practices in my home in northwest Calgary.

To read a little more about me – check out my blog.


What clients have said:



Reiki was often a mystery to me, prior to you showing me the power of the practice.  Now I see what a special and unique journey every session is!  It’s an hour of imagery, physical sensation, and spiritual connection.  You open up each chakra, and allow a safe, comfortable, and loving space for me to relax, explore my feelings, and let any and all emotions/energy flow!  I know I can laugh, cry, and release everything as it arises, and you’ll be supportive and comforting throughout the process.  Carla, your caring and sense of responsibility for my well-being comes through each time we meet, and I’m so grateful!  I look forward to every session, and grateful for the deep sense of clarity and calm that I have after each one!  Thank you!! ~HW


I have done several sessions with Carla, and I really like how she creates space before a session to prompt me to set an intention.  I’m always surprised at how my mind stays with that intention through a session, when it normally flits from thought to thought to thought. In her practice, Carla creates a space (energy?) that supports gentle, continuous attention to my intention, and that this has led to many insights and gifts (including things as simple as awareness of how my workspace was eroding my mental and physical well-being, and of a few simple changes that were easy to make and which have been hugely beneficial). Chatting with her afterward helps me solidify the healing and bring it with me back to my day-to-day life. ~KGC


Carla has an inherent gift that I believe she was born with.  She makes people feel both calm and energized. I have struggled with massive anxiety since I was about seven or eight years old, and Carla has seen me through my worst. Even when I have been in a state of near panic she has, just through her energy, helped me to relax.  I have tried to articulate to myself many times what exactly Carla doesto help me in these situations and each time I have come back to the same place: Carla has a healing energy, there is no other way to put it. ~BW


Metatronia® Therapy:

Thank you Carla for the lovely distant Metatronia® Therapy session with you. I so enjoyed how experiential it was and the process of sharing feedback together afterwards by e-mail. It was such a powerful session and I loved how safe and loved I felt. It was evident when the session started and I loved how relaxing it was; near the end I fell asleep knowing that the healing would continue. I felt very grounded and rejuvenated the next day. I will definitely be requesting another session in the near future. Thank you Carla and thank you Metatron! ~Kelly Vass, Sherwood Park, AB


My MT session with Carla was wonderful. I went in not knowing what to expect, but staying open to whatever I felt. Even though it was a distant session I could feel the energy work so strongly, truly amazing! I felt relaxed and calm. I walked away feeling peaceful, with more clarity, and a stronger sense of self. Carla has a gift, and I have great confidence in the work she does with me. Thank you! ~Stacey


Thank you, Carla for another enlightening Metatronia® Therapy session last night! Again, upon reflection, I can see how the messages come through you for my deeper understanding, healing, and growth. The session itself was fully relaxing, and the messages were so robust with guidance, encouragement, and enlightenment. I don’t realize how much spiritual work is happening while I’m “not looking”. It’s work of the heart, being done through you. I’m sincerely grateful for how attuned you are!  ~HW


Akashic Records:

“Can I just say…I feel notably lighter, freer, and more content inside since our Akashic records session on Saturday. I don’t feel this heartache any longer. There’s been a shift… I felt overwhelming peace.”


Thank you so much for this!  It was really interesting reading this last night right before bed, it was almost as if it was less the words and something about the energy of the message I could feel things shift within me, it was really cool. I went to bed and slept deeper and way longer than my usual too. It’s like the truth behind the words really resonated with something within me.  Awesome!  So glad I did this. You are very gifted my friend! ~Stacey


There can be uncertainty around the validity of reiki and energy healing practices, which are often put in the category of pseudoscience. Some of you may wonder: Is there really anything to this energy healing? In a session, is anything even happening? Maybe this “reiki master” just waves their hands over me while playing some new age music, and tries to fool me into thinking that some sort of healing is taking place; but will this even help me?

My presumption that some people have these doubts and questions comes from the fact that I used to have these thoughts, too.

We all want confidence in any healing modality we’re using to help ourselves. We want trust that we are receiving genuine care and a useful treatment.

Throughout my journey with reiki, my focus has been less on the science behind reiki, or any proof or studies around it, and more on the results and experiences of my own, and those of my friends and clients. The experiences are what has kept me in this field, doing sessions on myself and others. However, I was curious about what has been published in studies related to reiki, and thought you might be, too.

While I have only scratched the surface on the topic in scientific and medical journals recently, so far I have found many studies – over 3400 peer reviewed journal articles – when I searched on “reiki” in a university online library. Many showed not only that reiki had a statistically significant positive effect on the group receiving reiki versus a control group, but I was pleased to see there were many studies looking at – and showing significant benefits – when comparing a group receiving reiki to a group receiving “sham” or “mock” reiki, i.e. someone not trained in reiki but going through the motions, or pretending to provide a reiki session. There were distinct statistical differences between the mock/sham reiki group and the reiki group, making it clear that reiki itself (not just going through the motions) had a significant effect on the various ailments studied.

Not all studies came with statistically significant results; but such studies I have seen so far concluded that more research is recommended on how reiki could benefit the ailment. This suggests that the findings provided at least enough information to warrant further investigation.

With thousands of journal articles to go through, I have my work cut out for me to find more information to post on this page for you all as time goes on; but here is what I have found so far.

Summary of what I have found: Statistically significant reduction in perceived anxiety and pain levels were confirmed in individuals receiving reiki while undergoing cancer treatment including those receiving chemotherapy, as well as in individuals having recently undergone surgery (cesarian), and also those about to go into surgery. Reiki had a positive effect on lowering abnormally high blood pressure, and it was determined to be a favourable complementary treatment for this ailment. Studies also focused on individuals who were at risk of burnout syndrome, such as nurses and mental health clinicians, with positive results in reducing burnout.

I have yet to find any journal articles on Metatronia Therapy or Akashic Records. For now, these sessions must fall to the category of focusing less on the science and more on the resulting feelings and healing one experiences on an individual basis.

I leave you with something I heard someone say years ago right after her first reiki session:  Well, I felt relaxed afterward, but I could have done that myself by just laying in a room listening to soft music on my own.

If you can find what you need on your own by laying silently in a room, or playing soft music, or meditating – I say:  do it!  That is fantastic – good for you! Just do that!!  I am not being facetious or glib; I am completely genuine. Do it!  But if that is not enough, or you’re not making time for yourself at home to do that, or you’re looking for something different, or a little more than simple relaxation – consider trying an energy session to see what it’s like.

What’s the worst that can happen? I think it’s pretty clear (from the studies above and comments my clients have shared) that you’ll feel quite relaxed after a session and likely much more.  But if relaxation was all you were to get out of the session, in today’s stressful times of doing more with less, and finding we never seem to have or make enough time for all the tasks we think we need to do, moving from one commitment to the next – feeling relaxed is a pretty great outcome, and something none of us feel nearly enough.

Thanks for reading.


Details on the studies mentioned in “Summary of what I have found” (above), with references:

In a three year study of the effect of reiki on pain and anxiety in cancer patients, Birocco et. al. found that “overall, the sessions were felt helpful in improving well-being, relaxation, pain relief, sleep quality and reducing anxiety. Offering Reiki therapy in hospitals could respond to patients’ physical and emotional needs. … Statistically significant changes in the mean anxiety scores before and after each treatment were observed.”  Am J Hosp Palliat Care. 2012 Jun;29(4):290-4

I found a few studies on reiki in relation to burnout syndrome in nurses and mental health clinicians. Rosada et. al. found that “reiki was statistically significantly better than sham Reiki in reducing burnout among community mental health clinicians.” Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine. Aug2015, Vol. 21 Issue 8, p489-495.

In nurses suffering burnout, “the application of Reiki in nurses diagnosed with Burnout Syndrome has beneficial effects on concentration of salivary IgA [important factor in the immune system] and blood pressure.”  Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem. 2011; 19(5):1132-1138.

In a 12 week study on 575 patients, providing 22 Reiki sessions per patient in a community health clinic serving homeless and vulnerable populations, “client pain levels were reduced after the Reiki treatment. … Postsession satisfaction surveys indicated that Reiki treatment was valued by all of the clients receiving it and that it was helpful in promoting comfort and relaxation. The students gathered qualitative descriptions from clients after the treatment, such as “I have such relief from my headache; I will be able to manage” and “I feel so much more relaxed; I wish the session could last longer.” The interdisciplinary students were able to conjecture that the qualitative findings in the current study supported the findings of Fleisher et al. (2014), where participants of Reiki perceived benefits of profound relaxation and heightened spiritual well-being.”  Journal of Nursing Education. 2014;53(9):541-543

In a study on older adults in retirement communities, the effect of reiki on their “anxiety, depression, pain, and physiological factors” was studied. “Significant differences were observed between the experimental and treatment groups on measures of pain, depression, and anxiety.” Research in Gerontological Nursing, Jul2010; 3(3): 187-199.

Looking at reiki on anxiety in patients preparing themselves for surgery, “…results showed Reiki to be statistically significant on heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and anxiety scales in preoperative women as compared to music alone. … Therefore, Reiki could be utilized as a complementary therapy in the preoperative area to help alleviate anxiety.” (In this study music was also studied as a form of relaxation for those in a preoperative state.) Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing. Volume 25, Issue 3, June 2010, Page 196.

Studying the effect of reiki on hospitalized patients after acute coronary syndrome, Friedman, et. al. found patients to have improved emotional state, and other benefits. “Further study is needed to evaluate whether Reiki treatment may represent a long-term nonpharmacologic approach to improving … prognosis after ACS.” Journal of the American College of Cardiology. Volume 56, Issue 12, 14 September 2010, Pages 995-996.

Fortes Salles, et. al. looked at hypertension. “Reiki had a positive effect on reducing abnormal blood pressure, suggesting to be a complementary technique for the control of hypertension.” Acta Paulista de Enfermagem, vol.27 no.5 São Paulo Sept./Oct. 2014

A study on post-cesarean delivery pain and anxiety was done on 90 women, randomly divided into control and reiki group, and “results showed that Reiki application reduced the intensity of pain, the value of anxiety, and the breathing rate, as well as the need for and number of analgesics.” Pain Management Nursing, Volume 16, Issue 3, June 2015, Pages 388-399.